5 Benefits of Having a Business Blog

Business Blogging Can Be Extremely Valuable

You have probably heard or read on more than one occasion that a blog for your business can have a wide range of benefits and also that it will bring about more customers, more profits and a better brand image.

However, it may also be that, despite seeing this widespread opinion from all sides, you may not be able to really understand the true benefits that having a corporate blog can have for your business or company or how having a blog will help you in achieving the objectives mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Or perhaps you once started a blog when your company was young on one of the popular blogging platforms but have since created a business website and have not been inclined to move your blog over to your main site. We see this commonly during our website migration services where someone started a blog on one platform and never thought they should move it to their main site until they see the tremendous benefits a business blog can have.

A blog can mean much more than it seems at first glance. I do not want you to have the slightest doubt that this is a great investment for your business and therefore I am going to explain to you in an easy and simple way the 5 benefits of having a blog for your business or company.

1 # You will increase the traffic of your website

I will ask you a very simple question to argue this first point: why are you currently on our website reading these lines?

This is the very definition of content marketing or blogging. You are here because we have written this article, we shared it on our blog, you found the title of the article interesting, you have clicked it, you are reading it and … voila! You have just increased our website traffic.

Explained even more simply, by writing articles of interest to users interested in the topic you are writing, you attract the public to your website.

In addition, if the web visitor likes the content, he or she shares the content on social networks and this means that even more people visit the same article that has just been shared.

2 # You Will Improve the Natural Positioning (SEO) of Your Website

This point also has a very simple explanation. Look at it this way: Every new article you write on your blog is a new page that search engines will index and display in searches of users who are interested in the topics you write about.

In addition, as new pages are indexed, robots from major search engines such as Google will take it as a sign that your website updates its content regularly.

This benefits improving your position in search results, not only because it will indicate to Google robots that they must regularly visit your website to register new content in their search engines, but also because you can get your articles to appear among the first results of different searches.

In addition, there will be users who also have a website or a blog and if your article seems interesting to their readers, they will put a link to your article on their website. Google also loves links (which occur naturally, not with “dark” techniques), so your SEO will also benefit from it.

3 # Offer New News and Promotions About Your Company

To keep your clients informed, both current and potential that you do not yet know, there is no easier method than having a blog.

You can publish events organized by your company, new sponsorships to different events, new collaborations with other companies, important new work done or publish promotions and offers without having to modify the structure of the main website.

Just by mentioning what you want to highlight in each new blog article, you will be keeping your website updated in a very simple way. Even easier if you have a self-managed website made with a CMS like WordPress.

4 # Convert Readers into Clients

Well yes, this is very possible if you have a professional blog. I will give you a very simple example.

You are reading this same article because you do not know completely what a blog can do for you in your business or company.

You read the article and it not only informs you or you like it but it convinces you of the benefits that it can bring you and wants to know more or how much it can cost you to create one professionally. Well … you would have it very easy. You would only have to send me an email through my contact form that is on the same website as the blog to access such information without looking for more.

It will be even easier for you to convert readers into customers if you make a call to action and in exchange for free tests, mini-courses, e-books or other advantages for subscribers that you can think of, the user subscribes to your blog, leaving you their email address for it. An email account is very valuable in online marketing.

With it, you can directly send them news, offers, and promotions of your products or services directly to their email, in addition to generating a relationship of trust that will make the subscriber of your blog become a future customer.

5. It Will Improve Your Reputation With Other Professionals In the Same Sector

Just because it is the last point does not mean it is the least important.

Frequently writing articles about your industry that answer questions to your clients or news of interest related to your service or products can make you become an authority in your niche over time and this is something that will not only make you gain reputation in your industry, but It will generate a better image of your business as well as greater popularity at a general level, both among professionals and potential clients throughout the world

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