Cost Effective WordPress Web Development

WordPress Is An Effective And Cheap Web-Building Tool

If you’re thinking of building a website, chances are you’ve either come across with WordPress yourself or someone has recommended it to you. WordPress is a site-building platform and ‘content management system’. There are perfectly good explanations as to why WordPress is so popular and why it is recommended as being the most ideal choice for a beginner’s entry to the world of website building. And if you’re looking for a modest web design that specializes in WordPress designs, then look no further.

How Popular is WordPress

First launched in 2003, WordPress has certainly come a long way. The main reason why many prefer it is for its ability to solve the challenges they are facing in this online environment. WordPress can handle a large amount of traffic and high-resolution images without compromising web speed. It has unique features that can wow social media audiences.

Data shows how popular WordPress has become in recent years. Here are some of the eye-catching figures that really comes to show the reach of WordPress amongst site builders and content creators

  • “In 2015, WordPress has powered 25% of the web”
  • Excerpt from the breakdown of the percentage of users utilizing WordPress:
    • 79% of Local Businesses
    • 55% of Individuals
    • 53% of Brands

Why is WordPress so Popular

  • It’s Open-Source – Open Source means it’s available for everyone to use in any way you want to, especially if you’re a coder. You can easily download WordPress’s original code for you to freely edit and make your own website on WordPress. 
  • It’s so Easy to Use – WordPress has hundreds of stock themes to suit your aesthetic taste and also hundreds of plugins and extensions to fit your content managing needs. Customizing and adding content to pages is extremely simple once you get familiar with it. No wonder bloggers choose WordPress as their first choice. 
  • It’s Absolutely Free – Having a powerful content management system such as WordPress that comes at virtually no cost is almost too good to be true… but it is! That’s why it’s the first and/or premiere choice for a lot of bloggers and professional content creators. 
  • It’s Very Versatile – Since WordPress is originally intended for bloggers, not only is it intended to be easy to use, but its open-source coding and extremely customizable features means that you can create any website to display any content you want. If you’re a photographer, then create a WordPress site and upload your work. If you’re an online seller, then there’s a plugin called Woocommerce for you to have your own dedicated online store. Woocommerce is actually the most popular e-commerce platform on the entire web.

If It’s So Easy, Why Should you Still Hire a WordPress Professional? 

Not everyone WordPress user is an expert in coding and website building. You might already have an established outline in your head on how you want your website to look like and what you should put it in, but maybe you don’t have the necessary skills to make it happen, or even because you just don’t have enough time. Luckily for you, you can hire professional site builders that are experts in utilizing WordPress as one of their specializations. Not only will they custom code entirely new themes for you so that you don’t need to rely on stock themes anymore, but they’ll also maintain and update your website for you. 

This is extremely crucial as a website developer since hiring a professional means they can beef up the security features of your website since hackers love to prey on vulnerable WordPress sites. A professional can input specific codes that will certainly make your site less vulnerable to tampering and hacking. Since WordPress is so popular which makes it a likely target for hackers, you’ll certainly benefit in every way once you let a professional do their thing. 

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