Best Customer Support System Tips

Enjoy The Benefits Of Having An Effective Customer Support System

With the rise in eCommerce, businesses have had to re-tool their customer support system. Gone are the days of going into a store and saying hi to your favorite cashier, or calling up a customer service line and waiting for an agent to help you out with your problem. Now, there are shipping times, tracking numbers, drop-offs at courier locations, and email responses.

The best customer support system for your business may depend on what industry you are in. But here are some of the most common systems out there today.


The easiest to set up and also one of the most widely used systems is email. Not everyone checks their email all day long, so it is common to set up autoresponders for your business that are sent when someone fills in a contact us form or if an order is placed. This ensures you are always getting feedback from customers. Customers also like email because it is easy to access, and they don't need any special equipment or software to be able to check their inboxes. 

However, one of the biggest downsides to email is that it can get lost in all the other emails you receive, and customers may give up on getting a response if they don't see it straight away. Another downside is that email isn't the best method of communication in an emergency. It can be difficult to cater and resolve the issues of customers who are experiencing major problems with their orders unless you are checking your inbox every hour. 


Dropbox allows you to easily search and share files and folders, unlike a traditional file server that will take time to find the information you are looking for. This saves time wasted going through multiple folders or searching through your email inboxes, which can help you help customers faster. It is also easy to use with customers as everyone has access to it from their desktop or mobile devices. They can upload images to the shared folder, or even reply directly to an email with files they want to attach without the need of installing any special software. 

The main downside of this is that isn't physically located on your premises so you don't have control over it as you do with a traditional file server. You also need to find a third party to help you set it up, which can be expensive.


Spiceworks is an IT management tool that allows you to manage all your customer support tickets in one place. This includes everything from phone calls, emails, and website inquiries that come into the business via different channels. Customers can have the ticket number to look up their product or answer any questions about it – everything from logging into a website to fixing that printer isn't impossible. 

Best Customer Support Within your Reach

Ensure customer satisfaction and grow your company by having the best customer support for your business. To find the best customer support system for your business, consider first your main requirements – do you want to be able to access information from anywhere? Do you need something with multiple channels of communication? Do you need to be able to share files easily? Here at Sharp Tack Media we offer you the best 24/7 customer support that can cater to your needs, anytime and anywhere. 


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