Content Writing Versus Content Marketing: Which Works Better For Your Website

When The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

At the first glance, copywriting and content writing seem like two sides of the same coin. Though you can use both in content marketing for lead conversion, there are significant differences between the two writing styles, so let's look at why one might suit you more than the other. 

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is more focused on the end game that generates revenue. 

It involves content that attracts consumers and focuses on powerful sales tactics that appeal to their pain points.

It is the style used for online and offline ads, slogans, taglines, and landing pages. Its primary goal is to capture leads and make sales, with a Call To Action (CTA) as a part of its structure.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is informative.  It is not primarily used for sales and does not follow a defined structure. There is no format in how articles can be written, or if they do, the form in which a blog is written may vary depending on the type.

Unlike copywriting, the job of content writing is to keep the audience engaged and provide them with enough information so they have reasons to come back to your website or blog. That's why its products can be in the form of an article, a blog post, or as complex as an entire website's content. 

Another way to make your content known to your audience is to use various formats such as video, audio, photos, etc. There is no doubt that you should post as much as possible on social media when you use different content for marketing your brand.

Copywriting or Content Writing: Which Works Better For Your Website?

The answer is none.

Copywriting and content writing can be executed in words on your site's page. You can also maximize their benefits by integrating them with the best SEO practices for higher search engine rankings.

Though they are both used to reach your ROIs, they serve different purposes.

If your goal is to increase your revenues, you can never get away with utilizing copies on your website. This is a quick way to get sales in the short term.

However, you also know that the sales funnel does not end with having a successful conversion.

Thus, you need your customers to stay engaged. You need them to repeat availing your products and services, and this is where content writing finds its powers. A thoughtful and compelling content is what shall keep them coming back to your services. This type of writing works if you’re after a long-term marketing strategy.

In summary, it’s a great idea to combine the advantages that both writing types can offer.

Why It's Important To Find the Right Marketing Professional

A long-time digital marketing professional knows the difference between these two writing types and will help you prepare your website's content marketing strategy. You can hire SEO content writers if you want to increase organic traffic, but you need to pick the best copywriters, too. You know what they can do in leading your customer to the purchase phase of the sales funnel.

By hiring the right marketing professionals, you are sure that you get the best of both writing types and get your sales soaring high.


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