How To Create The Perfect Landing Page

What Is a Landing Page?

Landing Pages are those pages of a website that the user reaches after clicking on an ad. We tell you how many types of Landings there are, how they are tested and some recommendations to have a Perfect Landing Page. We have extensive experience in developing landing pages for our portland website design clients as well as client all over the world. We have built thousands of landing pages and know the “ins and outs.”

How Should a Correct Landing Page Be?

Imagine that a user is searching for caps in a search engine and clicks on one of the ads that appear. This advertisement should take the user to a page where they can see the caps they have available (since this is what they expect to find) and not to the home page of the company where they will have to search for the “caps” section.

This does not mean that the home page cannot be a Landing Page; A company specialized in this type of garments, could put ads that send the user to their home page and there offer them some caps while also offering them the possibility of browsing through it where they can choose different brands, styles, sizes, etc. Even so, the most important thing is that the Landing Page is always the most appropriate and desirable page, with a clear message, and that it focuses on offering what the ad has described to the user.

Types of Landing Pages

They can be divided into two categories:

Standard Page: For some Marketing campaigns you may already have a quality page on the website itself that meets the requirements you want to offer. Therefore, you could avoid a disbursement and the time of creating a new page if you already have another one with the content you want to offer.

Specific Page: In this case, there is no existing page that fully meets the needs of what you want to offer. To do this, you can create new pages with extra content and different calls to action that can meet the needs of the campaign. These pages are often used more when the performance of existing pages is lower than expected.

What are the Objectives of a Landing Page?

Convert to Sale: That is, get sales through the website. It is the most common objective for e-commerce companies.

Lead Generation: Capture the user’s attention to a product or service and make them leave their contact information to follow up on sales activities.

Capture Data: User information is obtained so that the company can include it in future marketing campaigns through a customer relationship management (CRM) program.

Downloads: The user downloads the content (it is usually an exchange of information with the user).

Landings Pages Test

To test a Landing Page and verify that it offers the best user experience, it is not only worth personal opinions, experiences or instinct, since you need valuable information about what works and what does not. This information is given by the clients themselves (“the client is always right”), they are the ones who can tell you what it is that converts better and what is really working.

There are certain elements on the pages that you must test, for example:

Page Header: different sizes, fonts, alignment, etc.

Page Length: There are myths that mention that pages should be short with key content and a relevant call to action that is visible when the user enters. This is not always true! As always everything depends;) The length of the landing should be determined by a mix of factors such as the detailed information of your products/services.

Call to Action (CTA): Try different CTAs trying as long as it has to do directly with the conversion you are looking for. You can also try the ideal location to leave the CTA (both “above the fold” and “under the fold”).

Photographs / Images: Try to make the photographs used relevant to the product/service offered and, if possible, a photograph showing it in operation.

Buttons: Test from the button design, to the color of the button.

Form Length: Try to minimize the form as much as possible while still having the necessary information to be able to work the information.

What Types of Tests can be done?

There are two types of tests to perform on the Landings Pages:

A / B Testing: Usually tests two types of versions of a page that contains different elements that must be tested: titles, images, buttons, etc.

Multivariable Test (MVT): It is somewhat more sophisticated and a greater volume of traffic is needed to draw conclusions regarding the A / B test. In the MVT tests, different combinations and variations in the elements of the page are tested simultaneously. This can help you select the most effective combinations of elements in order to achieve the desired objective.

What Recommendations Should You Take Into Account?

Good Landings Pages are not achieved overnight, hopefully, they are achieved after several rounds of different tests that are carried out constantly (although not all of them have the desired success).

Pay attention to these recommendations so you can work with the Landing Pages:

●     Don’t settle for the first reasonable improvement you see in terms of conversions, keep testing and try to keep improving it.

●     Perform both A / B Testing and Multivariable Testing: conducting an MVT test has an important factor since it lets you check multiple interactions between different variables in the Landing. By being able to test different combinations of the existing elements, you will be able to observe how the page works as a whole and how the different elements assist in the conversion.

●     No element on the page is small to test: any small change made on a page can have a big impact on conversions, therefore any element (however insignificant you think it is) should be tested. Of course, they must be elements that have a reason and hypothesis behind and that is not testing for testing (since you can lose time and money in development).

●     Landings Pages play a vital role in connecting user needs with relevant calls to action. A well-designed landing can improve the Conversion Ratio, and not only that, but it could also help improve the Quality Score (QS) on different platforms (AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.).

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