How FB Marketing Can Help Build Hype For Your Business

Small Business Growth Through FB Marketing

Every small business should be active on social media. Facebook has many resources that these businesses can and should use, ranging from effective marketing solutions to groups. 

You can engage potential customers and expand your company by having a strong Facebook presence.

Ways To Build Curiosity About Your Business

Here are some ways to build hype for your business.

1. Share Your Story

Best-selling author of the book “This is Marketing” and dubbed as the “Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age,” Seth Godin quoted that “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell.”

So, if you want people to buy from you, sell them a compelling story first. You can maximize the power of videos to highlight your beginning and why you decided to push through with your idea. This doesn’t have to be centered on yourself. Instead, it has to build the foundation for an authentic relationship with your target segment. 

Using this principle, you can create videos to upload over your FB page to attract your audience.

2. Have One Word That Your Business Can Utilize And Stick To It

Just think about how Volvo established itself as the owner of the word “safety.” Although recent studies have revealed that Volvo is not the safest automobile now, no other car brands can take this word away from it, as the foundation they have built to claim this is solid. Same with other big brands like Apple, Starbucks, and Intel which stands for “Simplicity,” “Moments,” and “Speed,” respectively.

If you dream of making it big like them, prepare one word that is complete enough to describe every aspect of your brand. Once you’re done, make sure that its presence in all your Facebook posts.

3. Give Away Things For Free

Who doesn't want to indulge in freebies? You can give away many things for free, such as accessories and drinkware, for example. These will help with brand awareness and give a good impression of your startup. 

You may also give discounts and free trials for your new products and services. Ensure that these first official meet-ups of your product and customers sound exciting enough to encourage practice.  Posting code that your clients can use to avail as coupons are also something they’ll absolutely love. 

4. Tap Into Influencers

Working with influencers is a great way to reach more people and get your word out about your new social media product. You need to include the use of an influencer in your social media marketing budget, especially if they are popular. 

Ask your influencers to include information about your launch in their posts to increase enthusiasm for your launch further. You can also provide brand ambassadors with content from your company to share on other social networks, increasing confidence about the company. 

One popular way to get influencers to post about your launch on social media is to host an event. Build hype around your event and use it as a way to get a lot of attention to your Facebook page. 


Facebook is an excellent way to market your opportunity because with over a billion users worldwide, your reach is endless, and you’ll be able to speak out. Facebook for your business is primarily about building relationships. If you offer enough value, your audience will learn more about your product or service not only through sales-focused posts but also through social media marketing. 

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