3 Focus Areas For Ecommerce Website Design

Your ecommerce website design should attract potential customers, provide great user experience and present your shop in the best light.

Providing great customer experience is possible even in your ecommerce websites. For clients, this is done by making a hassle free shopping process, starting from looking at your products’ catalogue to checking out their items.  As a seller, this kind of experience should apply to you too.

You need to find a smooth way to deal with your items and business through your The City of Trees web design. You can ensure your online business site underpins both your business and your client needs, by securing that its design can handle these three areas: customer management, inventory management and business management.

Inventory Management 

Providing an easy way for your clients to navigate your online store should be any web design’s  top priority. Your e-commerce website needs to allow various ways of discovering items through classification, entering a book search or deals.

It is also a best practice to provide an option where they can quickly add purchases to their cart to increase the likelihood of a sale. To make this possible, website design usually includes inventory management features such as product listing, image management, category creation, metadata keywords, product recommendations and review.

Product Listings

Continuous purchases and product upgrades require your ecommerce site to come with features that allow you to easily update product descriptions, dimensions, price, SKU, stock levels, weight, and photos.

This will help you make accurate and detailed descriptions to lower your chances of getting poor reviews from those who wanted to buy your products. You can also provide a great customer experience if your product contents are up to date and comprehensive, and comes with tags such as “unavailable” or “on a deal”.

Image Management

Images are very important in increasing sales as they form a  large part of a potential customer’s first impression in the purchasing process. Providing consistent and clear images can be a challenge if you have more than a hundred products supported by 3-5 images each.

Thus having an image management feature in your website design can help you in reaching this goal. Remember that inconsistent and blurry product images can result in a loss of potential sales.

Category Creation 

Categorizing your product is one of the easiest ways for them to be easily searched. Your website design must allow categories and sub-categories such as product types, level or even under multiple categories. Preferably, your classifications will incorporate with the store's route, as that is the manner by which clients regularly start or thin their pursuits when shopping.

Metadata Keywords 

Including metadata keywords in your website impacts its online visibility. You know what that means right? Higher visibility will likely lead to higher profitability. Only a growth-focused web design can help you do that. 

Product Recommendations 

To optimize product discovery process and eliminate long searches, product recommendations must be allowed as a feature on your website. By presenting customers with recommendations, they can quickly find what they need and also those that are frequently bought together, or accessories that come with them.

Recommended items are usually generated according to the individual’s browse and purchase history and the availability of the product in the inventory. This can lead to cross-selling and has been proven to boost sales.

Review Management 

Harnessing the superpower of social proof has always been the top advice for many online businesses. Statistics say that 92% of buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review. Your website design should allow you to include areas in your review management like purchase verification, deletion of unrelated reviews and accommodation of a response function when needed.

Customer Management

The importance of having a website design that allows customer management is important in their retention. Marketing efforts have shifted its emphasis on retaining customers than acquiring new ones.

Studies support this claim as acquiring a new customer is believed to cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. There is also a higher selling success rate with old customers at 60-70% in comparison to new ones.  

Ease of Navigation

Site guests need a direction of where to go. Your ecommerce site ought to effectively educate clients where products and information can be found.

You can also consider landing pages that declare new deliveries, publicize deals, or advance a brand or classification that leads to specific shopping pages. Also, remember that a great high-converting website design should provide a balance between being friendly to new users and dynamic to energize rehash customers.

Customer Profile Creation

It can be discouraging as a customer to log in every time they visit or purchase from your site. If your website allows the creation of an account, it can easily track previous purchases and store information such as credit cards, shipping addresses, communication preferences, and e-mail addresses.

This removes frustration and eliminates the long waiting process. However, it is also important that your website is capable of securing this personal information. You don't want your database to get hacked and lose clients in the process.

Business Management

Now that you’ve learned the basics of how your website design can handle the concerns rising from the customers' side, it’s time to take a look at your side too. With strong administrative capabilities, you can manage the multitude of tasks that come with running a business and keep it operational in areas of Order Management, Payment Processing, Tax Calculations, Shipping Calculation, Promo Code Management, Report Generation, Data Exports and Account Management.

Order Management

As far as you as a seller, might be concerned, your online store needs to oversee orders. Ensure that you can monitor, refresh request status and locate the correct data (request number, SKU, tended to, name, and so on) for every exchange in the most efficient way possible.

Payment Processing

Handling payments is urgent to your business and your clients. Your site ought to give customers numerous, simple-to-utilize payment alternatives that support credit cards just as online payment alternatives like Venmo, Paypal, Crypto, and others.

Tax Calculation

Behind your online business website is the responsibility to deal with tax charges. Start with knowing the relevant tax laws of your area and those in the shipping location.  Then, set up your site using this data to figure the expense effectively. 

Shipping Calculation

A smooth buying process is not the end of your eCommerce website, the shipping of the product needs to be seamless too. Decide how your business will set rates (usually a combination of weight, cart value, and distance) and what will trigger free shipping if you offer it.

Don’t forget to allow shoppers to choose between delivery speeds. In case you are restricting transportation options to your locality or nearby areas, ensure your site illuminates clients on such and should refuse handling that request. 

Promo Code Management

You can set your business apart from its competitors by providing promos. This can be instrumental for customers to keep doing business with you. You'll have to offer clients promo codes, permit to apply them, and manage their use.

This implies setting a utilization limit, an expiration date, and the particulars of what items a code can or can't be utilized on. Allowing a code to be automatically applied when conditions are met is also beneficial according to a lot of clients.

Report Generation

No business can be efficient without reports. Detailed information from everyday deals,  numbers to cart analysis to top-selling brands, can help you make better business decisions. Ensure your site has the capacity to give you the outlines and information you need for accurate and quicker processing.

Data Exports

In some cases, it's simpler to take a look at sorted information in an excel sheet. This format allows information to be transferred to an outside system like an email client or computerized advertisement commercial centers to produce copy crowd portions. 

Account Management

Your staff will grow as your business develops. Ensure your eCommerce design will give you the scalability to work with increasing product offerings and expanding client base. It's also significant that you'll have the option to add extra people to help you oversee stock, clients, and requests.

Final Words

The key to having a successful online business running smoothly lies in a comprehensive eCommerce website that can handle both administrative and client needs. Do not let a poorly designed website hamper your business growth. Work with us today and see your business catapulting to greater heights in no time.

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