Widen Your Client Base Through These Trust Building Tips

Relation-Building Tips And Tricks For Businesses

Sharp Tack Media has been involved in business growth and entrepreneurship for some time. and, as such, have been working with small to medium businesses for years now. We’ve also been offering affordable website design to these companies to help them get their products in front of more people.

But the world has changed. Consumers are becoming savvier, businesses want to develop closer relationships with customers (regardless of whether this is B2B or B2C) and all this is down to relationships. Then take a look at such social sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all vehicles for developing a relationship.

How To Build Trust With Businesses

Professional and personal – Build a relationship but remember that the world sees everything that you do through the eyes of social media and search engines to retain your professionalism.

Preparation is everything – It’s amazing just how many people want to talk but, when you give them the time to talk, they don’t know what to say. For everyone in business, time is a valuable resource, so be brief, arrive at your point. Most importantly, have a clear idea as to what you want to get out of it by the end of the conversation and make sure you get it.

Know your boundaries – Business can be brutal. Sometimes, you’ll win a deal; sometimes you’ll lose a deal, and sometimes there will be an option to win a deal if you do something unethical (or illegal). There is a set of guidelines on how corporate morals and ethics should go. You should always strive to adhere to those guidelines. 

Understand the difference between position and influence – This is a common mistake made by sales professionals you may believe that selling your products/services to the CEO will guarantee the sale but how about if a) the sale is too low-level for their interest or b) the CEO trusts the opinion of a lower manager (one you have not spoken to!) position maybe guarantees influence and influence maybe guarantees position just be sure to know which is which.

Be emotionally intelligent – One of the interesting things that you see in business meetings and networking events is how, in a room full of people, you can successfully exclude others from joining in without even realizing it When people try to monopolize the time of others, it precludes anyone else joining in and this is contrary to good relationship-building. Be sure to check that you are not the one doing the monopolizing, otherwise you become a party bore that no one will want to talk to.

Eyes and ears – The more you listen, the more you will learn! Ask open questions; show interest; encourage them to talk. Remember the first point about offering something? well, you are offering to listen to them talk and you will get a lot in return.

Keep your word – If you say that you are going to do something, then do it, this will slowly build people’s level of trust in you and that leads to them feeling more comfortable doing business with you.

Address Issues Directly – Whenever a problem occurs with a customer, make sure that you address it efficiently. Though the resolution might not favor the customer, they will always remember and appreciate how you respond to their problem immediately.Gain loyalty by being honest and confronting them with the truth. You might be surprised by the effects they have on you and your brand.

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