How To Grow Your Email Mailing List

Email List Building Is Powerful

Building an email list can be a daunting task. After all, acquiring and retaining a long list of emails requires an effective long-term strategy. An email marketing strategy is indeed a specialized marketing strategy overlap. Not a lot of people are willing to give up their emails that easily since it’s a more exclusive form of communication. People usually only share their emails if the situation demands it, such as in work or in class. Because of this, it demands a specialized approach to earning an audience’s trust in order for them to share their emails. 

Here are 5 effective strategies you can do to build a proper mailing list. 

Find Your Target Audience

The cornerstone of any business strategy is finding your market niche. You simply can’t share email content to list a of recipients who are not interested in it. Find out what you want your business to represent, which audience is it meant to cater to, and how can you trigger their interests. Sharing the right content to the right audience increases conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Employ As Many Strategies As You Can

What I mean here is don’t rely on a single avenue to acquire your audience’s emails. Don’t just rely on print-out subscription forms you hand out in your physical store. If you own a website, add a link that leads your visitors to a subscription form. If you continuously upload content on your social media page, then put in the description a box a sentence that entices people to subscribe to your business’s email list such as this; “Subscribe to our email list now if you want to be up-to-date on special promos and events!”. Be creative in your strategies and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible in order to build your email list even further.

Share Content That Your Audience Actually Wants To Read

This is harder than it sounds. It involves paying thorough attention to certain details. For example,  one of the most notorious aspects about making a good email is the subject line. Not too short, not too long. People do judge the quality of their emails mostly by their subject line. If a subject line sounds too generic or lengthy, then it’s often sent straight to the trash bin. However, it doesn’t end there. Next is what you actually put in your emails. When it comes to emails, people don’t want lengthy periodicals. They want concise and relevant content about your business.

Think of it as giving your recipients their daily or weekly content of food for thought. You don’t want to overwhelm them with nonsensical and irrelevant content, no matter how interesting it may be. It might be interesting to you as a provider but your recipients have other things in mind. The last thing they want to read is an email with a boring subject line with dreary content.

Make Very Good Content That People Want To Share

Even though email content is structured to be an exclusive and personalized form of communication, it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be for your recipient’s eyes and interests only. Structure the content that makes people want to share it to their friends, acquaintances, and family members. It’s simple psychology.

People have a tendency to share things that highly interests them. Because of this, make sure to include in your emails links to your social media accounts and subscription forms. This way, you’re effectively transforming your recipients into your own army of marketers.

The Ethical Bribe

Depending on the situation, people tend to be picky about who they share their emails because they have enough stuff to deal in their inbox from annoying sales pitches, to spam, and possibly even phishing emails. Raise the bar in terms of exclusivity of the content in exchange for your audience’s emails.

For example, you can provide exclusive offers such as free physical or digital merchandise, exclusive media content, trial subscriptions, even invitations to specific events. The cost of doing so naturally depends on the size of your email list. However, there are very few things that can tickle a customer’s heart more than receiving free stuff. 


Building an email list takes time. It entirely depends on how well you execute the different strategies and processes that lead to your goal. Let’s say you’ve found your target audience and given them as many opportunities as possible to collect their email address. Your entire email marketing strategy still might fall apart if you’re not as skilled in creating valuable content. It’s recommended that you hire an email marketing specialist as they’re extremely knowledgeable in creating a proper email marketing strategy for their clients from start to finish and often have experience in tailoring campaigns according to results.

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