Best Marketing Assets For Business Growth

Building Your Marketing Assets For Your Business

Marketing assets have changed drastically even in just the last 10years. When new businesses were looking for marketing options, they had a very limited number of marketing assets. They had a logo, a business card, and a brochure.

Early marketing teams used these three simple assets to grow a business with zero clients into a successful business. With just a few key strategies, you can elevate your digital marketing by employing just a few assets.

In today’s business environment your list of marketing assets is in continual flux and the number of assets you need to be successful in growing, not shrinking. I am going to outline the marketing assets that you need to be successful.

Not every business needs every one of these assets, but if you are not using one of these assets you should have business reasons for not doing so. Each of these assets can work with another asset to improve your business.

PDF Brochures

A PDF brochure can be easily downloaded on any device. After optimizing for mobile devices, your content can be easily viewed by anyone. Be sure to include information about what you offer and incorporate natural language that goes over why you are the best company to turn to in your industry.


Gone are the days of “how-to” articles. Videos are on the rise because people can see and hear the solutions they are looking for rather than having to read and digest the solution. Videos allow you to add any amount of personality you please, so go ahead and be yourself! You are likely to get more views when you aren’t trying to be too professional or like someone else.


Do you want more clients without spending a ton of money? Turn to create blogs. An active blog will attract users who are already looking for what you offer. It also lets search engines know you are an authority in your industry.

Google My Business Listing

Business owners should verify their business on Google to provide more credibility to their website and to ensure their audience is receiving the most up to date information. A Google My Business account allows businesses to verify their location, hours, website, contact information, logo, and more.

Google Analytics

The most underrated marketing tool for non-digital marketers. Your website analytics give you insights far beyond how many visitors your website gets. You can dig into a geographic location, mobile vs. desktop, rank your pages by value, track conversions and so much more.

Citations: In SEO citations are places your businesses are cited or listed in a directory or news site. The citation may or may not have a link. Citations sites can also fall into other categories. For instance, we consider YELP a citation site and a social link.

There are tools to help you build and manage your citations. At Sharp Tack Media, we use multiple methods to make sure that your citations are both high-quality and authoritative.


There are many options to grow your business. They can be through PDF brochures, videos, blogs, Google My Business, and even Google Analytics. These options aren’t still exhaustive as there are still many marketing assets waiting for you to be discovered.


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