Mobile Friendly Web Design Or Mobile App: Which To Choose?

Which is right for your business?

If we take a good look at today’s scenario it would be clear to us that designing and developing mobile friendly websites is no longer an option. Having a website which doesn’t support mobile type will make your site extremely difficult to view on smaller screens. Responsive designs are gaining prominence as improved technology has made browser devices more advanced and it is now part of everyone’s online strategy. 

The good news is that many web developers are now working to make their sites mobile friendly and responsive. But, in this race of becoming mobile friendly, there are some factors which need to be kept in mind before designing the user interface. Here we will discuss these factors.

First Thing First: What Could Be The Requirements Or Benefits Of Mobile App Development?

If your project scope involves: offline usage, multiple device types and features, more control over the user experience, and high-level security then it is good to go for a Mobile Application Development. 

However, a website which is mobile friendly offers some substantial benefits to the business owners as well as users. No matter whether you are developing your site from scratch or redesigning one, it is important that if you want to make it mobile friendly then you must go for a responsive design.

On the other hand, a mobile app is a powerful tool which provides exceptional user experience and that too without any efforts from your side. Installing an app from an e-store makes it available with all operating systems and thus there are no compatibility issues as well. You will be able to view it on your PC as well as all mobile devices.

With mobile app development, you can make use of push notifications which will notify users about new updates or events on a real-time basis making it a powerful tool. But developing an app requires a huge time and money investment from your side.

So keeping these things in mind, if you want to make your business site mobile-friendly and responsive, we recommend you to go for a Mobile Friendly Web Design.

Why A Responsive Design Is More Favorable Than A Mobile App

A responsive web design can be used to provide better user experience on any device without making additional investments in apps and updates. A responsive web design will cost significantly less of your time and money investment compared to a mobile app development. There is no need to develop a separate website for the mobile app which will require a lot of time and money. Compared to building a mobile app, responsive design is much easier and faster to implement because it only requires the designing of one site that can transform itself into different layouts depending on screen size.

A version built specifically for smartphones will have limited ability as compared to a regular website. Meanwhile, responsive designs are up to date and always compatible with the latest technologies while mobile apps need frequent updates and may not be compatible with older systems or devices. A responsive site will work regardless of the type of device used, making it more accessible to users.

Building an app requires you to attract your target audience and convince them to download the app upon release which is not possible for every business. On the contrary, a responsive site can provide information about new updates and events without any effort from your end. A good user interface can be enough to convince people to visit your site.

Finally, a responsive design is the only way to make your site mobile-friendly which provides exceptional user experience while a mobile app is only one of many ways.

Hope this article has helped you in understanding the benefits of responsive web design vs. development of an app for business purposes. If you need any further clarifications or have any questions, then feel free to contact our support team here at Sharp Tack Media! 

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