SEO Tactics That “Wow” Your Customers

Your Competitor is Just One Click Away

And thus, your business should be crazy about providing a great customer experience. Current customer journeys show that they abandon a service or product based on the experience they receive, and not due to its prices and products.

Aside from this, an excellent customer experience can drive a company’s revenue. Statistics say that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better service. With this information, let’s take a look at these top SEO tactics that will keep your customers raving about your products. Add getting loved by search giants, too!

1. Focus on Creating Great Content

The backbone of any SEO strategy is to create types of content that will attract more attention to your business. Well-written, original and relevant content appeals to your audience. This improves the overall customer experience as it builds and enhances the authority of your website.

By making compelling copies that sell, inspire sharing, and add value to your readers, you can dramatically improve their experience, too.  This is true even when you’re implementing both traditional or local SEO plans.

2. Optimize Your Content.

When you optimize your content, ask yourself if they answer the questions your customers are looking for on Google. This is a good starting point for you to create your blogs, articles, press releases, and other marketing efforts. Once done with your content, don’t forget to optimize them with the right keywords, internal links, and tools like Facebook and Google Analytics. 

This approach has been the practice of many companies that found success in digital marketing. By combining the best SEO practices and content marketing techniques, you can become the definitive answer to your potential customers’ questions. 

Remember that no matter how great your content or topic is, it will not work if you do not put it out there. So make sure to get your content optimized today.

3. Create a Responsive Website

The only way your business can earn top rankings and tons of organic traffic—and transform that traffic into customers—is by working on SEO. And customer experience is a critical part of any SEO strategy. 

This means that it is crucial to ask for feedback from your customers if your website is  responsive or not. You’ll know if your website is mobile-friendly when it keeps its aesthetic and functionality even if viewed on such a device. Another telltale sign is if it loads faster in comparison to your competitors’ sites.

4. Gather Feedback from Your Users.

Visitors can give you an insight into how you can improve customer experience. Do not be shy to ask your customers about their overall experience with your website. Another metric that you can use is the times they have visited your website. These are good benchmarks to see if your efforts are working or if you need to abandon the strategy and devise a new plan.

Customer Experience is Always a Competitive Battleground

The tactics enumerated above are for SEO improvement to get you on top of SERPs. By doing these, you can increase organic traffic, wow your customers, and, most importantly, get them to choose your business every time.


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