Importance Of Having A Solid Ecommerce Platform For Your Business

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Having a shopping cart on your site is important for online business owners because it increases the likelihood that someone will purchase something. It creates a more streamlined checkout process, which reduces cart abandonment rates and helps increase your average order value.

What Does A Shopping Cart Do For Online Business Owners?

A shopping cart benefits your business by increasing sales and improving checkout conversion rates so more buyers complete their desired purchases on your site. It creates a streamlined process of adding products to a person’s online shopping cart and encourages users to go through with the checkout process because their items are already there.

What Makes For A Good Shopping Cart Solution?

There are several qualities that make for a good shopping cart solution:

Easily Customizable Shopping Cart

The best online businesses rely on variety. If you have a lot of different products that your business sells, then you need a shopping cart that will easily allow you to create new product pages and integrate them into your site.

Ability To Add Custom Fields

Adding custom fields to your shopping cart allows you to customize your product pages so shoppers can find the information they need about your products easily. For example, if you are selling t-shirts, you might want customers to be able to pick which color of shirt they would like on each page of your online store.

Ability To Add Products Quickly

The more products that you sell, the bigger your site will be and you need a shopping cart that allows you to add new product pages quickly. It is important to stay up-to-date with your website as it grows so it doesn’t become too hard for you or search engines to find individual products.

Option For Coupon Code Generator

A coupon code generator helps businesses give discounts to customers without the customer having to remember any kind of special PIN number or keyword when they go to checkout. It is a great way for businesses with smaller budgets to give shoppers discount prices and help encourage sales throughout the year.

Responsive Design Shopping Cart

Most online shopping carts work across all devices, but the best shopping carts are responsive solutions that change to fit any screen size. This is important for e-commerce sites because it helps keep checkout efficient for customers with different kinds of smartphones and tablets.

What Are The Downfalls Of Using My Own Shopping Cart?

Some online business owners choose to build their own shopping cart. However, there are a lot of issues that have to be considered when doing this:

  • It is difficult to find a developer who can build a custom solution
  • Security vulnerabilities increase as you build your code yourself
  • The cost for each line of code will increase
  • You might miss out on updates and new features from the software company
  • You can’t rely on someone else for customer support

However,  a lot of these issues can be overcome by outsourcing to a developer or digital agency. You might also consider outsourcing if you need someone to make updates and changes with your e-commerce site on a regular basis.

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