What To Expect From A Third Party SEO Services Provider

What You Should Look For In SEO Services

When you engage an SEO company to create, revamp and/or optimize a website for you, you should be aware of their track records, portfolio and attitude. 

Some agencies will focus on things like backlinks, while others are social media experts. Full disclosure yes, backlinks are highly important for your business, but those aren’t the things we’ll be focusing on today.

Just the absolute minimum of what a good SEO agency should be handling for your business. Here are a few things you should look for in searching for an SEO service company.

A Detailed Site Audit

A good SEO company should be asking questions about your site like: 

  • Does it have the right messaging that we are trying to relay to our customers?
  • Does it look like a trustworthy site, does it have a call to action in the right places?

These design issues can make or break a business, so it is important that we find them out immediately.

A great digital marketing agency should also pay extra care in learning about you as a business owner, and what differentiates you and your business from the competition. This is often called a unique selling position, and your SEO service makes sure to implement whatever makes you the best at what you do and your best qualities are portrayed on your website.

Outline a Clear and Concise Strategy 

Any “expert” SEO company who cannot share with you their strategy for your business in a few simple, concise points so that a kindergartner could understand it, should probably not be put in charge of your SEO strategy.

You want to make sure that you take the time to understand how the SEO strategies the agency you choose present strategies go with your overall business goals and marketing goals.

Indexing Schedule

Ask to be told when your site is indexed by the search engines. Understand that this could take up to three to four months (although a site — rarely — can be indexed within just a few days).

Indexing is the only way your site will be actually shown on search engines. You may incur additional losses because your SEO service failed to take this into account or did not disclose this information to you.

Ask For Reports

Require that the SEO company provide you with a monthly report regarding anything they’ve done to or for your site. This report should include a listing of any on-site SEO performed, as well as a list of search engines and web directories to which your site has been submitted. You also should ask for a monthly progress report on how your site’s rankings are faring/improving.

4) Finally, and most importantly, your SEO company should create a site or revamp your current one to ensure it’s friendly to the search engines. On-site SEO tasks can and should include: writing informative, engaging keyword-optimized content; creating relevant title and meta tags; and peppering each page with relevant HTML code.


There are many companies and agencies that promise excellent SEO services. Before jumping into getting their services, double check if their services come with site audits, detailed SEO strategy, indexing reports, and if they’re willing to give you timely reports, too. In this way, you can feel secure that your SEO needs are taken well care of by a competent agency.


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