Web Design Secrets for 2021

Trendy Website This 2021

The future is here, and it’s not just about flying cars. Web design has become so much more than a way to get information from one place to another.  It’s become an art form that can be used for branding, marketing, and advertising purposes. With that in mind, we’ve put together some web design secrets for 2021.

Why Do Web Design Trends Keep On Changing?

You might think, what do design trends have to do with web design? Design trends are what drive the industry. Trends show us where we’re going, and they indicate a time for a change; this is crucial as new technologies emerge that can be used in designing websites.

2021 Trends Web Designers Should Follow

With the rise of various other types of technology, we believe that in 2021 web designers will have to be aware of the following trends:

1.  VR and AR (virtual reality augmented reality) on mobile devices.

Considering an increasing number of people who own a smartphone or tablet, both VR and AR should be used to their best effect on these devices.

Virtual reality (VR) should not be confused with augmented reality (AR) (VR). Users are immersed in a virtual environment using a device such as a headset in VR. They are fully submerged in a fabricated universe, shifting their limbs and engaging with it as they would in real life. They can see things that are entirely different from reality. Many well-known web browsers are already on board and supporting the VR experience as a whole. The entire VR experience will be accessible to the average customer shortly, allowing users to experience it with only a click of a button and no need for downloads. 

Meanwhile, Augmented Reality (AR) allows users to see the natural world around them using the camera app. However, they can also see computer-generated images layered over the top of their actual surroundings in augmented reality. In essence, augmented reality (AR) connects the worlds of reality and virtual reality.

2. Voice control as a means of interaction

More and more people use voice assistants for various tasks. With the emergence of such technologies, designers can better use them by designing websites compatible with voice commands. For example, users who have Alexa or Google Home can activate the voice assistant and navigate web pages or complete tasks.

3. Microinteractions on devices with high-resolution displays

These are small, interactive features that add personality to a website and make navigation more engaging. They are designed to revolve around a single use case and accomplish a single goal. The loading icon on your favorite e-commerce website and the little bell in your Facebook app that indicates you have new updates are two examples.

Designers should be aware of this trend, so they know how to implement these micro-interactions in their design process.

4. It will be all about mobile-first design

As the number of people using their phones as their primary device continues to grow exponentially, websites have begun redesigning themselves with smaller screens in mind. This ensures that users always have access to your site no matter what device they are on!   

5.  You will need animations

Animation is all the rage right now because it’s a great way to get your message across in fewer words. If you really want to catch people’s attention, make sure you’re incorporating animation into your design!

6. Always go back to the basics

Despite the changing trends, some essential design tips still need to be followed. Tips like keeping important information near the top of the page and using simple language when possible so everyone can understand what is being said still work. Also, focusing on keywords and creating great content are still best practices.

7. Use colors in moderation and organize by importance

To create a more engaging experience, use colors sparingly and categorize them by priority.

8. Never sacrifice usability for aesthetics

Don’t make things look pretty if it’s going to cost your business or readers in the end! Ensure that everything is easy to find on a website and has neat labels so people can navigate easily.

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