Boost Your Conversion Rates With These Web Design Tips

Conversion Rate Optimization in Your Design

Having a good site is essential to get those who visit you to become leads and then your clients. Whether you have a personal brand, an eCommerce, or offer a service, your website will be your reflection, so when creating it, it is important to think carefully about what will help you achieve your goals. Read on and learn how economical web design options can be optimized for the best results.

Design Tips To Increase Conversions

1. Responsive Design

A new type of android device gets introduced in the market daily. Now as a multi-screen society, it’s a must to have your website be viewable across many devices. It’s a big no to have your website looking unprofessional and barely navigational for your users, too. To attract all visitors that can be potential customers, you need to make your website as responsive as it can be.

Having a responsive design means that your website will look good on any device from which you are visited, be it a computer, a laptop, or a tablet. It is important because you give users a good experience when they open your website regardless of where they do it, but it is also basic because Google takes it into account when positioning a website among its results.

Regarding conversions, a responsive website helps you reach your customer base, as it is estimated that most searches today are done from mobile devices. If someone visits you from their smartphone and can browse your website without problems, they can become a lead, but if they cannot navigate when they enter your website, it will increase your bounce rate.

2. Simplicity Is Key

Minimalist design is one of the hot new trends, and we understand why, the simplicity of it makes it very popular. This type of design is an interface style that emphasizes less usage of stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions; instead, they focus on the use of simple elements, spot colors, and typography.

The intent is to make the design more efficient, making it easier to position information so that it looks good and is easy to zoom in on. The responsive design allows the interface to be better adapted, in addition, with a minimalist design, the websites load faster and adjust better to the sizes.

This type of design is very well seen by users, so it helps conversions. On the other hand, the most loaded design, with animations and flash creates a certain adverse impression on the part of the users.

3. Don’t Use Stock Images

Stock images can be an excellent option for a personal blog, but if it is a business website it is best to place real, unique, and original images. The visual part is very important in the 2.0 world, people rarely buy something without seeing it.

High-quality images are basic, you can’t try to sell a product with low-quality images. If you are selling products do not stay with a single angle of it, show it from different points of view. If it is clothing or an accessory, it would be ideal if you had a photo of a model or mannequin so that the dimensions are better understood, this means giving it context.

According to the statistics collected by popular business platform Hubspot, these are some of the positive points of the images :

  • Colored visuals increase the desire to read a piece of content by 80%.
  • If the content is displayed with relevant images, people will retain the information for up to three days later.
  • 46% of marketers say a photo is critical to their marketing and storytelling strategies.
  • In terms of the most important content, 34% of marketers ranked visual content ahead of videos and behind blogging.
  • 65% of marketing executives are convinced that their visual products are at the center of how their brand story is communicated.
  • 94% of Content with relevant images gets more visits than non-image content.

4. Good Customer Service

Once people are on your website, and you’ve already impressed them with your design and content, make sure you have a Contact Us button or a link in the website menu that is clearly visible. For the client, it should not be difficult to find ways to contact you on your website, because if someone visits your website and has any doubts, they must be able to easily find how to write or call you.

Nowadays some choose to place some live customer service chats or live customer support systems, which are drop-down chats that can be included in the home, and that allow the client to write and receive attention on their doubts at the moment.

Even today there are options to serve the customer visually, the options in this regard are many, and you cannot let a customer leave because you did not serve them on time.

5. Social Media Feeds

Placing the widgets with your social profiles and what is published in these is a good way to get engagement, but you must be careful about how you present this content since it could distract users about what you really want them to do, which is to buy your product or hire your service.

The ideal place to place these elements is on your blog, where they could help you get more followers on these platforms.

You already know the 5 design tips to increase conversions, it is important that you put them into practice If you have a website where you sell a product or service, as this will clearly bring more leads, customers, and sales, which means more income. Remember that it is important to be creative and always seek to innovate when designing your website, you should not only think about metrics but also about the satisfaction of the end-user.

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