Website Backup Redundancy

Benefits of Off-Site Website Backups

With the immersion of today’s society in the technological world, websites are used for a plethora of things: advertisement, leisure, buying products, personal benefit, and much more. A considerable amount of time, energy and expense also goes into making a well-designed website that is appealing to the eyes and contains high-quality content. Because of the hard work that goes into creating and attaining a quality website, the last thing one would want is for something to happen that wipes out their website.

There is an immense amount of possibilities that could happen, that within milliseconds, everything can be gone: malware attacks, web hosting issues, data corruption and much more. To prevent a disaster from becoming more severe than it already is, it is imperative to have off-site website backups. After all, it’s bad enough that such a tragedy happened, don’t make it worse by not being able to retrieve the lost content. There are many benefits to off-site backups:

It’s Reliable

There are many benefits to having an off-site back up; however, a significant plus is the reliability that it provides. Off-site backups are so reliable because they can be updated daily if set on a timer. Also, the content is usually backed up in several locations, making it possible to retrieve lost information in the case of an unfortunate event. Having an off-site backup is not only easy to set up, but it can also save some time and money. Because of the automatic updates and backups, it will also save a lot of time.

It’s Secure and Safe

Not only are off-site backups reliable, but they are also incredibly secure and safe. In fact, they are so secure, that often a 128-bit SSL encryption technology is used. This encryption technology is very similar to that which banks use when dealing with transactions- that is pretty impressive! That is not to say that the content is guaranteed to be secure, but nothing can be one-hundred percent secure nowadays. However, it is as close to one-hundred percent as it can get: there are not many, if any, more secure options.

Also, off-site backups often use geo-redundant data centers to increase the safety of content even more- much safer than having all of that information stored locally. It offers not only a more secure protection of content for threats, but it also provides protection for things such as a local hard drive or computer crashing that the website content is backed up to- or any of the other possibilities mentioned at the beginning. There is not a more safe and secure option than that of doing an off-site backup.

In conclusion, with all of the threats that can lure over one’s website, it is imperative to use an off-site backup to keep all content safe and secure: from both natural and non-natural happenings. If something does happen, the last thing that should have to be dealt with is figuring out how to get all the lost content back. Just make life easier: use an off-site backup solution!

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