Is A Website Better Than A Traditional Brochure?

Develop A Website Or Carry Printed Brochures?

Printed brochures are still extremely popular, and their uses extend beyond essential marketing. But in today’s digital age, many think that it may be time to consider whether or not building a Sacramento web design is a better option.

This article will take an in-depth look at both options, helping you to determine which medium is a better choice for your advertising campaign.

Why Develop A Website?

A website may be a better choice for several reasons, which includes;

  • A website is a great way to introduce your company and give potential customers more information than you can fit on a brochure. There is no chance that you will run out of space with an online presence. With web design, you can create a complicated, interactive layout that can hold images, videos, and much more.
  • Additionally, people tend to trust businesses that have websites because they are seen as modern companies. Also, having your website allows you to control the image that you put forward to consumers. You can set up a ‘blog’ or write articles and publish them immediately for your visitors.
  • Finally, having a website will become more important than carrying a stack of brochures with you because businesses are increasingly moving online, and customers are becoming digital consumers. Since people’s buying habits are changing, your business should adapt to those changes, or else it will be left behind.

Why Carry Printed Brochures?

Despite the negatives, there are several reasons why carrying a stack of printed brochures could be more advantageous than going online.

  • A print advertisement is often cheaper than an internet presence.
  • Some people will not want to spend time surfing the web because they do not have access to it, especially those in rural areas, or do not want to. Also, many people are intimidated by computers and may feel more comfortable giving you their information on paper.
  • Finally, a website does not leave an impression on people the same way that a print advertisement can, so it is essential to design your business cards and brochures. A well-designed print advertisement will signal to customers that you have invested in your appearance and are a professional company.

Of course, most business owners will want to put time into both a website and traditional print advertisements to reap the benefits of both. A limited online presence may be the best choice for certain businesses, while others might benefit from choosing printed brochures over an internet site.                                  


In the end, you will need to choose what is best for your business. Think carefully about who your audience is and what type of message you would like to give them. If cost is essential, a traditional brochure may be right for you. If the future holds more potential for your company, you might consider a website.

In either case, be sure to invest time in creating an excellent impression of your business with both print advertisements and internet presence. Nothing is also limiting you from creating both a website and traditional print advertisements, giving you valuable insight into what works best for your company.

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