What Is A Website Theme

Website Theme Essentials To Know

A website theme is a design that can be applied to your site to give it an overall look. There are many different types of themes, and each one has its pros and cons. If you need help with a website theme for your brand, click here.

What Is Website Theme

A theme will include background images or color schemes, fonts, logos, and page elements like buttons and icons. For example, a blog might use an image of the blogger as its avatar. At the same time, a corporate site may have more professional-looking text with icons representing critical services.

Themes help you choose how you want visitors to perceive your business before they even get there. Deciding on the correct type of theme for your business will depend on your goals. Here are some factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing:

1. What Colors Do I Want My Website To Have?

Your website theme colors should reflect the colors of your brand. They should be carefully selected to ensure your site matches the visual identity of your business.

You may match colors with other branding materials like logos, product packaging, and store design to choose website theme colors. Use a color scheme you are familiar with or one that is popular for businesses in your industry. If possible, you may also choose a palette made up of colors you enjoy.

2. What Is My Website’s Purpose?

Your site’s theme should be tailored to meet your business needs and goals. Some areas may need a completely different design than others, depending on whether they are selling products or attracting leads for their services. If it isn’t clear what kind of site, you may go reassess your website’s purpose.

3. What Features Does The Theme Offer (e.g., WooCommerce integration)?

Depending on the purpose of your website, different features may be necessary. For example, suppose you sell products online and want to offer a WooCommerce integration. In that case, it’s worth looking for themes with this feature.

If your website’s purpose is for the blog, you might also include features, such as a header slideshow, blog post slider, or a featured post widget.

Some of the features you might include are contact forms, galleries, testimonials, or other lead generation content for regular websites. A header slideshow with images and text can be found at the top of your website to visually communicate who you are as an organization and why visitors should stay on your site.

You might also use other features for different pages, such as an “About Us” page with information about your company or blog post sliders. These can be used to highlight the most recent posts on your website.

4. Do I Need A Responsive Layout?

Another aspect to consider for your website layout is responsiveness. Responsiveness is a design concept, which means that the structure will change based on the size of your screen or device you’re viewing it on.

This factor can be as simple as adjusting margins to make sure text doesn’t overlap at different resolutions. It can also require more drastic changes, such as transforming an image into a thumbnail-sized square when viewed on any mobile device.

5. Are Websites Theme Free?

Themes are the way that you can customize your site’s design and features to meet your needs. Some themes may be free, while others have paid upgrades available on top of the base price. Remember that depending on what kind of website you have in mind, some popular theme categories may require payment to use.


Website themes are essential for making your site look good and work well for you. There are many different kinds of themes to choose from, so always start with the question, ‘What type of website will suit your business’ essential needs?’

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