Why SSL Certification is Important to Your Website

Keeping Your Site Secured

In the course of having your website, you might have heard someone telling you to get an SSL Certificate. You also read somewhere that it's crucial to your SEO strategy, but you couldn't make any sense why or how. 

Before you decide whether or not to install SSL certification to your site, you must have a basic understanding of what it is and what it does. If you want to know more information about it, then read on to find out. 

What is an SSL Certification?

SSL Certificates are data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details. If used on a website, it activates the padlock and the HTTPS protocol that provides a secure connection between a browser and a web host. Merely speaking, SSL Certification acts as a symbol of trust for both you and your users. It gives a signal that the website you're on is safe and secured. 

Why Is SSL Certification Important?

1. It is a Ranking Signal for Google

There are several ways that SSL certificates and HTTPS can affect search engine optimization and Google rankings. Google confirmed in 2014 that HTTPS is one of the ranking signals, and it promised to give a 10% ranking boost to websites that request an SSL certificate. In effect, Google will tell you that if there are two similar websites, the SSL-certified site will rank higher than the other version of the site that does not have it.

For SEO, SSL certification is also understood to provide privacy, security and protection from phishing attacks. This means that it can save your blog, your company, or your entire website from any harmful activities on the worldwide web. In this case, the difference in ranking between sites that do not have SSL certificates and those that do is a secure encrypted connection. 

If SEO is a concern for you, it is advisable to install an SSL certificate for your websites immediately.

2. It Assists Efforts of Ecommerce Business

SSL Certificates have also expanded its importance to include other types of websites as well. You may already know that SSL certification keeps your website secure, so this task might be more of a requirement for eCommerce sites. Ecommerce websites process personal information or rely on brand recognition systems. Both of these are used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and even site logins.

In this scenario, an SSL-certified HTTPS website is a boon for both web developers and Internet users. It helps all internet transactions secure using the encryption process. 

SSL certificates are a trust factor on the Internet. But know too that if you do not have the trust of your users, an SSL certificate will not affect your profit. 

How SSL Certification Improves Your Business

Over the years, Google has emphasized the quality of a website's content, rather than its page numbers. This makes SSL certification a valuable aspect of its ranking process, and ranking higher improves your visibility dramatically. Having SSL certification installed is like having a powerful tool for your business to succeed in the digital business landscape.



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