Words You Need To Use In Your Small Business Blog Posts

Words That Help Increase Traffic, Sales, And Conversion Rates 

Using the right words can take your blog posts from just another good post to a phenomenal post that people want to share with their friends. The following is a list of some of the most popular and useful business blogging words you should be using in your post to avoid the mistake of creating low-quality content.

The Best Words For Writing A Successful Blog Post

Below is a list of words that will help you to write better, more successful blog posts. Using these powerful words in your posts can regularly help you to generate more traffic and sales.

  • Benefits

What benefits will your audience gain from reading this particular blog post? It doesn't have to include any technical information unless you specifically target an industry that requires such information. Again, it would be best if you were writing for people, not search engines. If you give your audience a reason to read your blog post, they will find the time to do so, and if it benefits them and their lives, they are less likely to be distracted by outside factors such as emails, text messages, etc.

  • How-To

This is one of those words that can range from being a noun to a verb. For example, in your blog post, you could say: How-to Change Your Business Logo or How to Find New Customers for Your Small Business.

  • Tips

A tip is different than a how-to because it is usually just a way of doing something that you can easily explain in only one sentence. This word is very popular with bloggers, and one of the reasons it works so well is because people are always looking for new tips to make their lives easier.

  • Case Study

This will almost always catch a reader's attention more than just your average blog post, especially if you have an interesting client story or case study to share with your readers.

  • Testimonials

When you have an expert in your field willing to provide a testimonial for your business, you should include it in your blog post. Including it in your blog post will help legitimize the value of what you are offering and give potential customers more confidence about their purchase decision.

  • List Posts

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of competitiveness, especially if you encourage your business to regularly publish more and more blog posts. List posts are viral amongst most bloggers because it allows them to provide their readers with information that they can take action on and enable the blogger to show off how many different things they have learned in their chosen field.

  • Expert

If you include the word expert in a post title, search engines will most likely feature it on their first page of results for that particular keyword. Being on the search engine's first page results means more traffic to your website, which usually translates into more customers and sales for your business.

  • Free

Many people are wary about giving their credit card information to anyone, including businesses charging them for services. This is why the word free works so well for most online businesses; because it reassures the potential customers that they are doing nothing more than reading and learning about a product or service before deciding if it is something that may help them with their lives.

  • News

If you have a newsworthy story related to a current event or something directly connected with your business. Then it should almost always become the title of your blog post. You may not think it as important as what's happening in Syria. Still, if your readers are interested in what's going on in Syria, they will quickly discover a story about your business.


Using the correct words for your blog post titles is vital to draw people in and cause them to read your content. Remember that you are writing for humans, not search engines, so before you complete a single blog post, ensure that it includes all of the elements necessary to get it listed on any search engine's first page of results.

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