Best Small Business Branding Packages

Small Business Web Design Package

Do you have a business start-up and need a custom website to share your products or services with the world?

Small businesses typically require basic websites that include professional designs, easy navigation, content management so you can update them whenever necessary. Also, websites can largely benefit from mobile-friendly layouts, so your site looks great on any device.

This is where we come in. Sharp Tack Media offers packages designed for small businesses. We are your go-to-guys to start your business off with a simple website, allowing customers to reach out to you easily online or on their smartphones and tablets!

Why Choose Sharp Tack Media for Small Business Branding Packages?

At Sharp Tack Media, we believe every business is unique and requires a different approach.

We'll take your business needs, goals, and values into account when designing your new site with the best content management system (CMS).

Strong Brand Identity

Every business needs a brand strategy so you can come up with a strong identity to communicate who you are and what you do.

Whether it's a start-up or an established company, your website is the gateway to connecting with your ideal consumers. You should ensure that the message and aesthetics have been carefully thought out so that each visitor can easily recognize – and remember – you as an expert in your niche.

Sharp Tack Media will help you develop a unique web design that reflects the specific values and goals of your small business, including:

Your Image

Are you trying to appear fun or professional for your new brand identity?

Either way, our small business web design packages will help you get the look you want. Our clients can even customize everything about their site including colors and fonts – even backgrounds!

It's also easy to share a design mockup of your small business web design proposal if you already have an idea. Simply send a few samples to us and we'll get it started in no time.

Your Tone

Are you aiming for an upbeat or serious personality?

Our small business web design packages let you choose your tone while being unique and observing brand consistency. We can even create a custom design just for you!

Your Target Audience

Who are you trying to reach?

Your customers will generally shop in certain places, and they'll expect certain things from your website. We know that your web design is a huge investment, which is why we always work to create something their clients will love.

Your Message  

What are you trying to communicate for your brand vision?

We pride ourselves in our ability to create small business web designs that are simple and effective for each of our clients.

Exceptional Branding Services

Professional small business web designs are not just about aesthetics. They also must capture and engage your audience's attention to help them understand who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you over your competitors.

Sharp Tack Media offers small business website packages designed to attract customers by:

  • Brand recognition/awareness
  • Stimulating interest in your organizations and companies
  • Capturing the attention of mobile visitors
  • Introducing different offers or products to prospective customers using lead-capture tools such as e-mail opt-ins and online forms
  • Identifying what makes you distinctive from your competition
  • Sharing your brand's story

You may call us the experts in branding services, but for us, we're just delivering what we do best.

Customized Branding Package

Depending on your option, our small business web design packages include the following features so they can cater to exactly what you need.

A. Logo Design

Your business logo is not just a logo. It is the foundation and visual identity for your small business web design. It's a small branding mark that communicates everything about your small business in an instant to potential customers or clients. That's the primary reason why they're usually found on business cards, brand guidelines, Facebook cover, email signatures, signage, and other marketing materials.

Thus, your logo represents your vision, brand, and business goals. It should also include different elements such as color schemes and brand fonts that add character and uniqueness to your small business website.

B. Email Templates Creation & Integration

Emails are great tools when it comes to developing a relationship with your customers and keeping them up-to-date on your latest offers.

C. Website Contact Form

As email addresses are becoming obsolete, you need to find a more efficient way to get in touch with your potential leads and customers.

Thus, a good solution is by creating various forms on your website where visitors can easily register their interest or submit an inquiry.  Having one on your website is a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

D. Website Accessibility

We at Sharp Tack Media values people with disabilities and their rights to fully participate in our social life.

Thus, we focus on making your website 100% accessible and user-friendly to all people, whether they're reading the page on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Affordable Pricing And Full Branding Package

Our talented team at Sharp Tack Media understands that some small businesses have limited budgets and that these web design packages shouldn't break the bank.

That's why we offer affordable yet still effective packages so you can have a successful brand. Each website package includes:

A Custom Domain Name

A custom domain name is a professional branding that makes your small business web design more unique while at the same time, stand out from the crowd.

When working with us, your site shall receive a custom web address to help establish your small business as an expert in your industry.

Mobile Responsive Website

With more and more people using mobile devices to browse websites, your website must be mobile-friendly so it has an advantage over its competitors.

Whether you're a small business owner or one of those established entrepreneurs, you do not want to lose potential customers because they're unable to access your site on their smartphone or tablet. Your small business web design should function flawlessly on all mobile devices to ensure visitors can easily navigate and find the information they're looking for.

Content Management System (CMS)

CMS translates into a great opportunity for small businesses who want to have full control over their site's contents and don't need the cost of hiring a programmer or web developer.

Our small business web design packages include a CMS that will allow you to update your small business website's content whenever necessary.

Quality Content

Offering high-quality content is the key to earn trust, make sales, and increase your profit margins. Also, it would be best to have fresh ideas which can only come from quality writers who have significant experience writing niche-related articles for SEO purposes.

Top-Notch Copywriting Service

We produce high-quality content through our well-trained writers and experienced editors.

In fact, they can handle any type of content you would like to deliver to your clients or customers with ease.

Industry Experience

Here at Sharp Tack Media, we are committed to providing each of our small business owners-clients with professional services to improve their online presence.

All our projects undergo thorough planning before we even start designing or coding. We also test them thoroughly before the launch date to ensure no bugs or errors on the site at any cost.

As such, you can expect nothing less than excellent service from us throughout the entire website design journey.

Opportunities for Growth

With an unlimited number of online marketing and business tools like google analytics, you can grow your business online. We help small businesses in getting their presence out there and convert them into sales.

Genuine Service

Dont like to feel like you're being taken advantage of by a company that doesn't care about your success?

Our small business web design packages are always done with excellent service with all essential elements included and quality guaranteed.

How Does Our Design Process Work 

You don't need a complicated process to bring your website to life. In fact, we have made it incredibly easy for you with these five steps:

Step #1 – Consultation

All you need to do is fill out our form and tell us a little about yourself and your goals (we promise we aren't here to sell you anything; we just want to make sure we are the right fit for you).

Step #2 – Proposal

Once we have our initial meeting, you will receive a detailed proposal outlining what you are getting from us and how long this process should take.

Step #3 – Planning

With your approval, we get to work creating the look and feel of your website. We offer unlimited change requests or revisions to ensure that every aspect is precise as you want it to be.

Step #4 – Execution

Once you are satisfied with the design, we will move onto the execution phase of your project. We believe that this phase is crucial as it will be the foundation upon which you will build upon for years to come.

With our advanced technologies and expertise, we can literally set up your website in days, depending on your project's size, complexity, and scope.

Step #5 – Launch

We treat the launch of your website in the same manner as an introduction to a new product. You spend countless hours with your staff made every aspect perfect for that occasion, and we make sure your site's final result is no different.

The First Step To A Successful Website Starts With Us!

If you’re looking for a small business branding package, Sharp Tack Media has the lowest prices and best quality work.

We offer the most comprehensive packages to cater to any size budget – from start-ups with tight budgets all the way up through Fortune 500 companies that need an entire team of experts behind them.

To find out more about what makes us different than our competitors, contact us today!