5 Small Business Marketing Tips

Simple Marketing Tips You Can Use

It is quite common that many entrepreneurs do not dedicate resources and efforts to the development of a good digital marketing strategy for SMEs for two reasons; one due to the mistaken belief that it involves a large investment and the other due to the fact that most tools involve strategies that long term and do not provide immediate returns. We have worked with hundreds of portland web design clients in creating solid digital marketing strategies that give a great ROI and do not take forever to get results.

The following tips can help you create the digital marketing strategy that best suits your company and that you can carry out yourself even if you do not have a high budget. Let’s go see them!

Start With The Simplest And Gain Presence

Many people want to start the house on the roof and seek a quick return by investing large amounts of money. This is a  somewhat wrong digital marketing strategy for SMEs since there will always be bigger companies that invest more. The trick is not in the amount invested, but in the meticulous planning and prior study of the market/sector, the way to enter it and the differentiation.

For example, in SEO positioning, you can work with keywords with high traffic to generate many visits to the website at the beginning. This may not help if we add words with a lot of traffic, as they are quite difficult to position with respect to the competition. We recommend working with long-tail keywords (phrases or combinations of words) that will be easier to position. Those complementary words will be positioned faster, will produce more traffic in the short term and will help a lot to position the main keyword.

Seek Out Professional Advice

Another aspect in which many entrepreneurs fail is the excess of suspicion, lack of complicity and the non-follow-up of the advice provided by the professionals and companies that they hire as service and product providers in relation to them.

As a small business owner, you must stop having doubts and be open-minded to any changes and suggestions that may be proposed to you. It is normal to be unsure at first of any company or professional with whom you work until the moment they demonstrate a certain level of results and good operation and way of working.

Create A Large Network of Contacts And Generate Profitable Relationships With Customers

Something fundamental in digital marketing for SMEs is the need to create an extensive network of contacts of various kinds in order to:

●     Create commercial and professional relationships (suppliers, intermediaries, clients …).

●     Create social relationships (PR, promotion of CSR actions, etc.)

●     Generate brand branding and a greater cache of your personal brand as a recognized professional in the sector.

For this, it is necessary to maintain a certain consistency and coherence in all brand communications facing the outside (through blogs and RRSS ), provide added and differential value to stakeholders (to capture their attention and that they are the ones who go to the company and not the company that goes after them).

Likewise, you must demonstrate good management and corporate governance of the business (to build trust), promote good company practices and actions related to corporate social responsibility and company culture.

Invest With Your Head

Because a competitor is succeeding with a specific strategy, it does not have to be directly applicable to your business, since there can be insurmountable differences that make your plan a tremendous failure. You need to study in detail what your competition is like and why they follow that type of strategy before applying it to your brand. Looking at the competition is fine to improve what they do, to distinguish your business and not make the same mistakes, not to copy the strategies to the letter.

Use All The Resources At Your Fingertips

Even today, there are many people who still do not use or manage social networks, and what is worse, corporate brands that do not take advantage of them to make themselves known and contribute something different to both their customers and their followers.

In the same way, it happens with mass emails with newsletters, sponsored posts and guest posts, promotional items for companies or promotional merchandise for gifts with your brand, content aggregators, advertising banners, among other options. For this reason, it is best to continually research new improvements and ways to carry out your promotional actions and publicize your brand.

Don’t forget these small business marketing tips and keep them in mind in your business.

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