7 Must Have Pages for your StartUp Website

The work that goes into standing out from the crowd.

A great website must be able to speak for itself. This is especially true if you are just beginning to grow your presence in the online market. Your boise website design should be able to provide a big picture of what your company is about, what it offers, and a strong coherent representation of your brand.

It should be navigated easily, load quickly, and must contain vital pages to serve as your voice and build your credibility. If you’re a start-up business looking for what to include in your company’s websites, here are the seven pages that you might want to include in your list.

Page #1. About

Just like how you would introduce yourself to a new acquaintance, an about age should contain information like office location, key company details and general staff information. Though some websites would like to put information such as email and contact number under a separate contact page, it’s always a more efficient practice to keep the two centralized on one page. After all, they serve the same purpose of knowing your company.

Page #2. Shop

Whether your website works solely as an ecommerce site or caters to a few merchandises, having this page is a must. This page can include product descriptions, images and prices. If this is not the sole focus of your website, it is advised that this page should not exist on other domains. You want to have a quality website and not doing so, goes against this goal.

Page #3. Services

For service-focused industries such as education, construction or repairs, providing a service page provides your viewers and potential clients with the range of your offerings and what you can and cannot do. There are two main approaches when working on this type of information – a single page that lists your services with blurbs about it, or several pages dedicated to one of the many services your company might offer.

Whatever your decision is, keep in mind that factors such as aesthetics and navigation should always be considered. And oh, this page can come in the form of “What we do” too!

Page #4. Careers

It might be common knowledge that when people are looking for jobs, most of the time they refer to go to job posting sites. But having a separate career page for your own site might also be beneficial.

Aside from the possibility of getting your site ranked into google, showcasing to your audience that you have people behind your business gives the impression of professionalism and growth. It can also cut costs spent on posting on job websites or can save you tons of time in recruiting efforts.

Page #5. Blog

Blogs are classic but effective tools for online marketing. By providing a page solely dedicated to this, not only do you increase your chances of being seen out there, you can also develop your voice and credibility.

Page #6. Deals/ Promos/Coupons

Whatever you want to call this page, including one which solely focuses on rewarding your most loyal customers or new clients is a must. Aside from the search volume that comes with using the term, providing promo or coupon pages on your website is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This will keep your clients wanting to do business with you at all times.

Even if you don’t offer public deals, this is a good place to indicate that you offer student discounts, AAA discounts, memberships and other offerings that can lower the price of your products or provide additional services for free.

Page #7 Help/Support/FAQs

Whether your website’s purpose is to sell a product, raise awareness or provide information, you always need to be ready to answer any question that people might throw at you. Though usually confused with the Contact page, a good distinction between these pages is answered by how readily the answers are for the questions your user has in mind.

If the page has a set of prepared troubleshooting procedures or answers, most likely, it is best to label it as Help/Support or FAQs pages. If otherwise, such as in the case that the answer to the question that you’re looking for is not found on these pages, then it might be better if you check the About Us or Contact Page. 

This page should make a very simple and accessible support solution to things such as additional service prices, payment terms options, the process of purchasing from you, estimated delivery times, how to return a product, etc. Aside from this, it should also come with a feature that provides you a way to measure the usefulness of your support or not.

Not only can having this page help you increase your rank in Google, and informative FAQs/Help/Support Page can also win the trust of your customers by providing them a great customer experience. Make customer support as accessible as possible.

This means easy-to-read docs, videos and a quick and easy option to get someone from the company..  Imagine having those line call queues and the chance of getting passed around by representatives be totally eliminated from your search for help. 

The Bottomline of a Great Website Design

As a non human face of any company, websites must be designed in a way that it should always be working to eliminate client frustration and provide them a great customer experience. If your design can nail these two, you are definitely in the path of achieving business greatness!

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