The Anatomy of a Great Website

Create A Successful Website

A great website does not need to be flashy or showy, but it should have a strong online presence and leave users feeling satisfied. There are little details that help make a website great, from the structure to the content.

To create a truly great website, developers must carefully plan out every part of the design process and SEO strategy. Everything from the navigation to content, developers must think about how every page on the website will function.

A properly planned website is easy to navigate for visitors. There should be apparent paths that lead throughout the site and back to the homepage. Many people leave a website after not finding what they were looking for or if they can’t find their way back easily.

1. Great Content

Great websites have a lot of content, but not too much.  Visitors want to know what they are getting into before committing to a long page, so developers should keep content on one page as short as possible without detracting from the message they want to convey.  In addition, people don’t want to wade through large blocks of text or click on multiple links to find the information they are looking for.

2. Ease Of Use

Great websites strongly focus on the user experience with clean designs that don’t distract or confuse users. A great website will have content that people want to read and images worthy of being featured on social media.

Websites should have a strong structure with the content placed strategically to avoid confusion for those using the site. People want quick solutions, and if they can’t easily find them, they will leave the site as quickly as possible. In addition, clean design elements such as white space help make the website easy to use.

Great websites tell their users what to do next by guiding them along with their site journey with labels, colors, and text.  There should be obvious buttons to click, links to follow, and ways to find what they are looking for.

3. Great Visuals

Another important element of a great website is visuals.  The structure, typeface, colors, and images should be cohesive and support the overall message you want your site to convey.  One way including too many images can cause confusion is if they don’t relate to the text.  These images should be relevant for visuals to support one another.

Great content also means excellent images. Great websites have a mix of images that convey a message and enhance the website without being distracting.  When using stock images, they should also be of high quality and relevant to the topic.

4. Effective Use of multimedia

The last element of a great website is effectively utilizing multimedia like videos and pictures to engage people visiting the site.  A great website doesn’t have to look flashy or showy, but it should have a strong presence and leave users feeling satisfied.

Organizing Great Websites

So what makes a website great? Many factors make up a great website, but easy navigation, quality content, and an easy user experience are the most critical elements. Great websites often have all of these elements working together to create a strong presence on the internet for users.

Our team at Sharp Tack Media will work to make a website as great as possible through branding, web design, and development. We want our clients’ websites to tell their stories both on and offline. You can start this process by reaching out to us at Sharp Tack Media today!


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