Get Your Small Business on Google’s First Page

The Best Way to Get Your Business Online

If you’re a small business owner, then odds are you want your business to appear in Google’s first few pages. If so, we’ve got some good news for you: it’s possible.  

The first step is to make sure your site’s fully optimized for SEO. We know it can be overwhelming, for more details here are some basics you should cover before you even think about marketing your business online.

Create Great Content

Google wants to send people to pages that have content that answers their questions. If nobody searches for your product, then it doesn’t exist. Content is king!

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

It’s more mobile-preferred, but that’s a story for another time. Google wants to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for when they browse on their phones. The good news is you don’t need an iPhone or Android phone to do this–you just need to ensure your website looks good and functions well on all devices.

Optimize Your Site for Local Search

If you’re a restaurant, for instance, then Google wants to send people who search for “Italian Restaurants” in your town right to your door. What does that mean? It means your business should be listed on the results page for anyone who searches that phrase, and you should have content on your site about what types of food you serve, with contact information.

Make Content Optimized

When people search for what you’re selling, Google gives them the option to filter their results to show only “similar” content. If your page isn’t optimized, Google won’t even know how similar your product is, and nobody will ever find you.

Create Unique Titles

Your page’s title is the first thing people will see. Make sure it describes what you’re selling, and isn’t too generic or unoriginal.

Create Unique Descriptions

The description tells Google why your product is similar to other products. As with titles, Google wants unique content so consumers know exactly how and where your product fits in the market.

Create Unique Meta Descriptions

These are the descriptions that pop up when people click on your title. They’re short, so they should be a summary of what you offer. Make sure to optimize each category with a unique meta description.

Try Profiles and Local Listings

It’s extremely important to make sure you have all five profiles (name, address, description of your business, logo and a photo) made for every location. It’s also important to have some strong reviews from different sources so consumers can see how you stand up against other companies in your industry.

Use Social Media

Make sure you post regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re not sure what to post about, try asking your followers. People love getting recommendations from others, so consider hosting a contest or doing product giveaways to get people interested in your page.

Use Keywords

Your products need to be found by Google, so use keywords that people are searching for. However, make sure you don’t stuff too many keywords into one paragraph (this looks like spam to Google). Additionally , the more relevant your keyword is “in context” with other words on the page, the easier it is for Google to “guess” what your page is about.

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