Build A Successful Social Media Set-Up

Put Yourself At The Center Of It All. It's Time To Take Control Of Your Brand!

Having an online presence is a necessity for all businesses today. People turn to the internet whether they are shopping for products or services, browsing the latest news, or looking for information on a particular topic. The days of traditional marketing campaigns have long been replaced with a single focus only: getting as many people as possible to click and visit your website and having a social media set-up is one of the best ways to accomplish this. If you’re looking for Seattle web design services that include social media setup, Sharptackmedia has what you need.

Boost Your Online Presence Through Social Media

Social media plays a pivotal role in this online strategy. People interact and make decisions via social media websites daily, whether it's about the latest political headlines or the best pizza place to order from.

  • Overcoming the Fear

Social media platforms can be intimidating. If you are not tech-savvy or you're unsure how your voice will resonate online, the fear of using social media may override any potential benefits. To overcome these fears, start small and take them one step at a time. Identify what type of information and content should represent your business and how to share it properly. Pick a few social media tools to start with and then move forward from there.

  • A Commitment To Sharing

Social media represents an opportunity to promote your business in many ways. Whether you use it for customer service, promotions, or simply making announcements about exclusive deals, the best results will come if you communicate regularly. Social media is all about sharing content with a network of friends and potential customers, so if you post something once, it may get lost in the shuffle. Regular posting content will help you identify which posts resonate with people (and why) and keep your followers informed about any events or changes to business hours.

  • One Platform To Rule Them All

For many businesses, a multi-platform approach is the best way to leverage social media. If you need more than just Twitter and Facebook for your online presence, the question becomes whether using multiple tools is better. It is worth trying out various platforms in most cases as you will quickly find which ones work best. Create a list of the social media tools that might be useful in representing your business and test them out one at a time or choose specific ones to focus on for now.

  • A Clear Purpose

Before you decide which tools are right for you, it is crucial to figure out what they can do for your business. After identifying the type of content that you want your business to represent online, put together a plan of how you will share this content. Every platform is different and may require changes in the type of messages you are sharing.

  • Social Media For Monitoring

A careful monitoring strategy can help ensure that your social media presence works for your business as much or more than your competitors. While you may be posting great content, what is the overall effect on your business? Tools such as Google Analytics can give you valuable information that will help you track how much revenue (if any) is being generated through social media posts and how people are interacting with specific posts. Seeing this kind of data will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in the social media realm.

  • A New Kind Of Customer Service

While using social media can be intimidating for some businesses, it is important to realize that it is also a fantastic opportunity to regularly interact with customers and potential customers. With questions answered immediately or requests fulfilled within minutes, your followers will love how quickly you respond to them. They will be more likely to recommend your services when they see how eager you are to help them and how responsive you can be.


Social media is growing rapidly, with millions of people now spending hours every day sharing information online. While it may sound daunting, the benefits offered by social media tools can far outweigh any concerns about getting started. Start small and build from there to get past any fears of using social media to promote your business. After developing a solid foundation to grow, your business will reap the benefits available through this new medium.

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