Build Your Online Presence

Get Found By Customers

The internet is a wonderful place, full of endless information and social media outlets to connect with other people. But let's face it, without an online presence you are up the creek without a paddle. How do you bring in customers? How can customers find your business? What drives traffic to your website or blog? Don't leave these questions unanswered.

Before you do anything to improve your online presence, figure out how many customers are coming to your business. If you have real-life customers, ask them where they heard about your company. If the majority of your customers come from social media outlets, optimize your website for search engines. However, if new customers are no longer finding their way to your business, you may want to work on your online presence first.

Here are a few ways you can improve your small business‘ online presence.

Website Or Blog?

Without content that is well written, interesting, and relevant your blog will not gain any traction. The blog should be able to stand on its own without being connected to your website.

Social Media Sites

Another way to gain an online presence is through social media sites. These are free avenues for you to promote your business and connect with customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ are among the many different types of social media available. The more social media outlets you use, the better.

Online Reviews

The internet is full of review sites where customers can rate your business on a variety of criteria. This can be incredibly helpful or detrimental to your online presence depending upon what customers are saying about you. Sites like Yelp are extremely useful for gaining exposure for your business and increased sales. Other sites, such as Angie's List, can be harmful to your business if you are not receiving positive reviews. Make sure you claim and manage your online presence by responding to reviewers and keeping the dialogue open with potential customers.


Testimonials can be posted on your website or blog as well as social media sites. They help gain trust with future customers by showing them what existing customers have said about you. It can be as simple as a photo with a quote or a video. People love to see photos of happy people, especially weddings and family portraits!

Creating Content

Creating content for your blog is extremely beneficial. This includes images and videos of your business' work and events—anything that engages your customers. Capture photos of your products being used and uploaded to Flickr or Instagram with a brief description. This gives the customer an idea of what they are buying as well as free advertising for you.

Don't Have Time To Clean Up Your Online Presence?

Remember that you are not alone when it comes to improving your business' online presence. We all have access to information from one another, which means that each of us can help improve your online presence. You are not alone! Contact Sharp Tack Media for more information on how we can help you improve your business' image–both online and off.    

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