6 Questions In Choosing Graphics And Pictures For Fitness Websites

An Image Is Worth More Than 1000 Words

In fitness, we have to be mindful of the unique needs that people have. That’s why it is essential to choose graphics and pictures for your website that will resonate with people looking for fitness information and those trying to get back into shape after a long period of inactivity.

This article will focus on how you can use images strategically when designing your fitness websites so that you can attract more visitors and convert them into clients!

1. How To Choose A Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme for your fitness website is very important. The color scheme will set the tone for the content in that area of your site, and it also has a significant impact on how people feel when visiting your site.

It would be best to choose colors with low contrast to avoid eye fatigue and focus more effectively on specific elements. For example, you may go with a dark background with light-colored text.

If you are focusing on fitness and wellness, choosing a lighter color scheme for your site could be better if you want to attract clients looking for weight loss. Colors in the shade of blue are believed to be effective in weight loss because they are not appetite-stimulating color in the way colors like yellow and red are.

Some other considerations include the color palette used on your website. As mentioned earlier,  colors should be used in a way that is complementary to the website’s design and branding and thoughtfully incorporated.

2. What Type Of Graphics Should You Use On Your Site

If you’re thinking of what graphics to use on your website, you should consider what type of fitness business you are running.

If you’re a gym or clinic, then images of people exercising might be appropriate. Meanwhile, if your site is more about nutrition and weight loss, graphics with food may work better for the purpose.

Also, it’s helpful to use authentic transformation images that show what people can look like if they follow the fitness or weight loss program. This gives them hope and helps them visualize their goals and stick with their diet plan as well.

3. When Do You Need Images vs Illustrations

Though they might seem similar, images and illustrations are two different things and have other purposes.

Images are beneficial for fitness websites because they can show people using the equipment, digesting their food, or exercising to get the point across to readers. They’re also great if your website is about health and fitness because it’s easy to find images that correspond with what they’re looking for.

On the other hand, illustrations can be better for marketing or informational fitness websites and materials because they can show different scenes and ideas without being limited to the photo. Logos, business cards, and other promotional materials typically use illustrations because they’re more detailed than images. They’re also the best option when you want to provide a lot of detail in your content without slowing down the load time.

4. What Are Examples Of Different Types Of Pictures And Graphics For Fitness Websites 

Now that you know the differences between an image and an illustration, you might want to know specific examples of graphics and pictures that you could use on your fitness website.

  • a photo of an individual doing bicep curls with their hands up in the air, as if they’re celebrating completing the exercise (this image is suitable for illustrating how to do different activities)
  • photographs of people exercising outdoors; this may involve any form of exercise, such as running, swimming, or biking
  • images of people working out with weights to show different types of workouts that you can do on the fitness website
  • a fitness instructor demonstrating how to use exercise equipment properly; this illustration would be ideal for showing your readers what they should and shouldn’t do when using specific equipment
  • And many others!

5. What Are Some Tips for Using Logos And Fonts On Your Fitness Website 

Typography is another area of concern for fitness websites. The fonts you choose should be in a legible size and still have some flair or personality

  •  large, bold letters
  •  cursive text
  •  script lettering with lowercase characters (e.g., “f”) to give it an elegant look

Also, your logo should work well with your fitness branding guidelines. This means it should be appropriate for your fitness website and reflect the tone or style you want to communicate.

6. What Are Some Online Resources Free Or Inexpensive Photos

There are many free resources on the internet to find free or cheap photos and graphics for fitness websites. You will need to search individually, but some sites are:

  • Unsplash offers a variety of high-quality images.
  • Pixabay is a popular resource that has more than 600 million pictures in its library.
  • Pexels

With all this information, a fitness website can be created functionally and attractively.

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