Choosing One Marketing Channel

How To Pick One Marketing Channel

Each online marketing channel has a unique value proposition.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are great when you have a set budget and a limited amount of time to promote your business, for example. With PPC ads, you only pay when people click on your ad or add it into their search engine. However, if you are looking for a longer term solution, PPC ads might not be the best choice.

SEO is another very powerful marketing channel that focuses on organic traffic. With SEO, you need to spend time setting up your business’ online operations and blogs so that search engines can find them easily. The idea behind an SEO campaign is that, if you spend time and energy on building highly valuable content for your audience over a long period of time, Google will reward you by sending more organic traffic to your site. This makes it possible to get top search engine results without paying for ads. However, SEO also takes a significant amount of time to yield any result; for this reason, many marketers focus on a single channel at a time.

Depending on your objectives and business’ situation, it is very possible that by prioritizing one channel over another, you can achieve better results for you and your bottom line. Here are the pros and cons of choosing each marketing channel:

Pay-Per-Click Ads


Quick and easy to set up. PPC ads can get results faster than SEO. Good for short-term business objectives. Show clients that your company is active and willing to invest in their projects


Limited budget per campaign. You have to keep an eye on budgets at all times. Useless once your ads stop getting clicks. Always have to spend money when you might not have the budget

Search Engine Optimization


Can bring organic traffic to your site without paying for ads or even a website. Can help increase a brand’s authority and make it easier to rank in the future. SEO campaigns can create a significant positive ROI once they get rolling.


Takes time to set up. SEO campaigns take a lot of work before yielding any results. Can be expensive depending on the number of backlinks you need to acquire

PPC Ads vs. SEO

For many businesses who do not have access to long term funds or who are looking for immediate results, PPC ads might be the most beneficial and profitable choice. For businesses who want to focus on one channel at a time, PPC ads can set an initial budget and give the business profit as soon as possible. However, it is important for businesses looking to continue investing in their online presence to choose SEO over PPC because it will yield better long term results.

If you are looking for specific results or if you want to invest in one channel at a time, consider the pros and cons of each marketing channel before choosing which is best suited for your business. Visit Sharp Tack Media for more articles like this one and avail our FREE consultation today.

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