How To Create A Professional Website In Under An Hour

Start Building And Improving Your Website Today

You can create a professional website in under an hour. As many of us know, professional websites are not cheap. It comes with a hefty price tag if the site is going to be anything more than just text on a page with one or two pages.

However, there is hope for the small business owners who would like to have a professional looking website but can’t afford an expensive price tag.  If you follow these steps closely, then you too will be on your way to creating a professional looking website that might just give your small business just the edge it needs over its competitors.

How to Create a Professional Website in Under an Hour 

Pick Out The Domain Name

Before you can even start making your website, you’re going to need somewhere for it to live on the internet; a web address.  This is your domain name and will be the first step in creating a professional website.

Pick Out A Template

Once you’ve acquired the URL of the site you’d like to have for your business, it’s time to find the template. There are many website templates that can be found online that you can use for your e-commerce site. These range in style, but the most popular template seems to be a blog-style layout with multiple pages.  It’s important though to make sure that whatever template you pick has all of the features you’ll need.  Some of these features may include:

Customize Your Template

Now is the time to pick out the colors you’d like to use on your site.  Don’t be afraid to go bold!  If you’re not sure what colors would look best with the template that you’ve chosen, then feel free to ask for help or do some online research to find a color scheme that works well together.

After picking out your colors, it’s time to make your site all yours by customizing the layout of the template.  With a little bit of patience, you can easily drag and drop different elements on your template to organize them in the best way possible for your needs.  

Write Out Some Content

Now that you’ve got a template for your site and you’ve customized it to make it look the way that you want, it’s time to write out some content.  This will be the heart of your website where people can learn more about your products and services.

Build It And They Will Come

Once you’ve written out your content, then it’s time to start building your site! There are different website builders available that make the process of constructing a website much easier.  You’ll need to decide on a builder based on your needs.

Promote Your Business

After you’ve built out a professional looking site, then it’s time to let the world know about it!  If done correctly, this could be just what your small business needs to take off and get the attention that it deserves.

When done correctly, a professional website can do wonders for your small business.  With just a little bit of time and hard work, you can have a website up and running that will be beneficial for both your customers and yourself!

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