Easy Hacks to Make Your Website Better

Fully optimize your website for conversions to a more profitable level.

Your online presence is determined by the quality of your presence out there. How many times have we heard success stories and witnessed small businesses disrupting the market trends through intelligently designed websites?

Though it might require an expert boise web designer to do this job,  having a basic understanding of what makes something successful or not won’t definitely hurt. Let’s explore the different ways on how websites can be made better.

  1. Aim for Simplicity

While it is true that a quality website is made up of a multitude of components, this does not serve as an excuse to make it complicated too. Sometimes, by limiting our options to those that work, we keep ourselves focused and on point.

Why not instead of providing multiple images, decide on just having a simple message across? Not only is it easier to do, but it can also be easy for the eyes too.

  1. Places a Top Call to Action

Writing a copy for your product sounds great, but it can only be achieved if done with care. Sometimes, a clean  “call-to-action” above the fold on the home page can have a drastic impact. It catches the eye and its strategic positioning demands for an action.

  1. Includes a Mailing List

For your lead generation strategies to be effective, maximizing all possible venues, including emails, is imperative. Always include an assertion that you want to get clients’ email addresses before they leave. What’s best is if you can showcase the incentives they might receive once they click on that Yes button.

  1. Give away freebies

The saying that It is better to give than to receive applies to your website's tool. Not only is it a way to gain followers, but you can also utilize your freebies as a way to raise awareness for a cause.

  1. Utilize videos

Videos might probably be one of the staple favorites of many online users. Not only are they engaging and entertaining, but they also always find a way to crunch complicated information into easy-to-digest information. So don’t be shy. Showcase your product in video samples and have it proudly displayed on the front page of your website.

  1. Makes Content Shareable in Social Media

Oh, the power of the almighty social media! With more than half of the world’s population owning a social media account, it's no wonder that this digital marketing strategy has been a focus for many strategists and marketing experts.

By making your content shareable on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you are making them an extension of your website and are allowing your business to reach more customers.

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