Fulfilling The Online Experience Of Your Gym Members

Your Gym. Digitalized.

If you are a fitness club owner, you know that there is nothing more important than your members. They are the reason to have an excellent online experience on your website. After all, many of them will research their gym before joining- so if they don't find what they need or want, then it's likely that they'll go somewhere else!

In this blog post, we cover tips on how to create an unforgettable online experience on your fitness websites to keep your valuable customers coming back.

1. Add A Section For Members To Upload Their Favorite Workout Music

Adding a section for members to upload their workout music is a great way to increase engagement with your online content.

It can also be an excellent tool for helping them find the right music that will help them stay motivated during their workout, which in turn helps ensure they stick around and sign up for more classes!

And if you're worried about copyright infringement from uploading copyrighted material- don't worry! Many platforms allow you to upload your favorite songs and playlists for free.

Some of our favorites include YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Grooveshark, and Pandora (among others).

A quick search on any one of these sites should help you find exactly what you're looking for!

2. Create A Page Where All The Classes Are Listed 

There are times that your members may be looking for a new class to try, but they don't know what's coming up. That's why it can be a great idea for your website to include classes are listed and people can sign up in advance! This will also help encourage them to come back again the following week or month if they enjoy their first class with you.

3. Encourage Members To Post Pictures Of Themselves At The Gym

Images are great motivators. This is true especially when working out.

Many people are so proud of themselves that they post pictures of themselves at the gym or while working out. This is especially true for women, who often have insecurities about their fitness level and body image. Seeing their improvement can be a huge boost for them.

Allowing your members to post their pictures can help them build a sense of community and also be an encouragement to others who may need it. Additionally, as mentioned before, it is also a way to help promote your gym and encourage others outside of the facility to become members!

4. Create A Mobile App

Sometimes, logging in to a website can be a frustrating experience. It can take too long, it might not load at all or you could just be in the middle of something and don't feel like going through the steps to log in.

Just as with any other part of your website, an easy-to-use app will make it easier for members to access their account information from their phones and make it easier for them to renew their memberships, check in on class schedules or find the nearest location.

An app is also a great way of keeping your members engaged and bringing new people into your fitness community. You can send out push notifications about events that are happening at different locations, host polls so they can share with other users what they've learned in a class and offer exclusive deals to those that have signed up for your app.

5. Send Out Monthly Newsletters 

A newsletter is also a great way to keep your members up-to-date on what's happening at the gym. You can highlight new classes that they might be interested in, the equipment you've recently installed, or events coming up.

All these tips can make your members have the greatest online experience of any gym in town.

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