Creating Landing Pages That Catch Your Audience’s Attention

Incorporating Custom Graphic Design With Web Design

When you look back at the state of the web design landscape just 10 years ago, the hardest discussion you had to convince clients to do was to buy a website. Three years ago, the biggest issue was to consider a redesign for mobile responsive. So what do you imagine is the answer to that question in 2021?

It’s time to consider an additional business landing page. The act of creating a landing page with custom graphics might be the deciding factor in your site’s performance.

What Is A Business Landing Page?

In today’s world, most clients you’ll encounter have a good website (or at least if you’ve built them one before). Now they need help with ads, promotions, email lists, or running social media campaigns. In that line of thinking, a single-page landing page is easy to optimize and ranks well on Google.

The team here at Sharp Tack Media has years of industry knowledge in building landing pages that convert. Because landing pages are designed to convert, one of the key advantages of landing pages is their ability to bring traffic to the next stage of the sales funnel. No other webpage has this kind of targeted approach, which means landing pages can truly be your digital marketing lifesaver.

SEO And Lead Gen Using Landing Pages

Over the years, we have connected with SEO and lead generation companies and have given them advice. Let us give you a little secret. Call it a behind-the-scenes tip, which will help bring the discussion of landing pages to the forefront.

After these high-dollar companies sell you a lead generating package, they immediately go to their office and have their staff create 20 or 30 landing pages that they quickly index and optimize. These landing pages generate leads which they then pass back to you the external client.

So our advice to you today is to consider an additional landing page or two, to help grow your leads for your small business. This can provide a much-needed exposure boost since you don’t have the brand recognition that other, bigger brands may have.

Also, not only do these landing pages give you the exposure you need, but they can also do the conversion for you. If they’re planned and designed well, they can even get you customers to repeat availing your services. You just successfully reached the target of your sales funnel.

So here comes your call to action. If you cannot build these landing pages for yourself, consider hiring a web design company that specialized in building landing pages that convert. This is the type of service that we at Sharp Tack Media have been doing for years and for hundreds of clients.

Whether or not you take us up on this great deal, you should really consider a landing page for your small business. We’ve made big leaps in our process over the years allowing us to hone our technique to a point where we can identify the problems you may have and eliminate them.

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