5 Ways To Sell Digital Downloads Using WordPress

Digital Products: Here’s How You Can Use WordPress To Your Advantage

With the rise of tablet and smartphone usage, digital downloads are becoming more and more popular. From ebooks to software, digital downloads are perfect for business owners who don’t want the hassle of shipping physical products.

There are many methods of selling digital downloads using WordPress, which may accomplish without writing a line of code.

Here are five ways to sell digital products with WordPress:

  • Add a Digital Download Option To Your Shopping Cart Plugin

If you currently use a shopping cart plugin on your website, you can enable digital downloads through the plugin. The Digital Downloads Plugin allows users to purchase any number of files attached to their posts or pages. You can decide whether or not you want customers to be able to download their files again after purchase, and you’re provided with statistics regarding your sales.

  • Sell Individual Digital Downloads Using the Product Add-On Feature

The Product Add-ons plugin allows you to create products that can be purchased as add-ons with other items on your website. For example, if someone is buying an eBook that costs $10, they may wish to buy a worksheet that goes along with the eBook for an additional $5. With this plugin, digital products can be made available as add-ons to physical goods. This is also a great way of selling bonus content that isn’t part of your main product offerings, such as tutorials and blog posts.

  • Sell Digital Downloads Using PayPal

Selling your digital downloads through PayPal is another convenient way of making it easy for customers to purchase them. All you have to do is direct users to an order form on your website with all the necessary payment information, and they can buy their product right there without leaving your site.

  • Sell Digital Downloads Using Checkout Services

Another method is to use checkout services. They allow you to add a product onto the service with just a few bits of information about each product that you choose to sell. Then, you can direct your customers to a particular order form on the checkout service website, and they’ll be able to purchase digital products without ever leaving your site. You will receive statistics about sales made through this method as well, which is a bonus.

  • Offer Digital-only Membership Levels

If you have a membership WordPress website, consider offering a digital-only level. The price of this membership level could be slightly lower than your other paid membership levels, and it would be similar to a “lite” version of your physical products. By offering users the opportunity to pay less for just the digital content, you may find that they’re more willing to become members of your website.

Final Thoughts

The competition in the digital market is high, and consumers are always looking for the best deals. Selling digital goods with WordPress is a great way to meet your customers’ needs and stay ahead of your competition. Not only should you add an option to purchase digital downloads on your website, but you may also want to consider selling add-ons for physical products or creating membership levels that include only digital content. If you need help setting up any of these options, seek help from experts on WordPress website development.

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