Link Building In A Small Business

Why Do You Need Links In The First Place? 

First off, what is a link? A link is any time someone clicks on a hyperlink pointing to another website. In other words, if there’s a “hotlink” from your website to theirs. There are several reasons why it helps your site if someone has linked to you:

There’s a lot more to link building than just getting someone to click on your link and visit your website. But for the sake of simplicity, click here and we’ll walk you through this process.

  • Find Prospects

The first step is to find prospects for your link building campaign. These people should already have websites and their own business interests. There are a lot of sites that can give you access to information about other people’s websites, like the number of links pointing to their website and how many sites are linking back to them.

  • Build Your List

When you have a list of prospects that have websites that have a lot of traffic or popular websites, then it’s time to build your list of prospects using search engines’ webmaster tools. Webmaster tools will help you find emails of employees at large companies.

  • Offer Exchange Of Links

Email your prospects with an offer to exchange links, so long as their site’s link comes before yours on the page or in a sidebar. You’ll have to do this manually until it becomes beyond your time management skills, but there are other ways to automate the process once you’ve built a large enough list.

  • Build Your Website

After you’ve contacted your prospects and received email responses that they’re interested in your link exchange, then it’s time to build a website for the company. Make sure the site has high quality content — this will give your prospect more incentive to link back to you since there’s more incentive for them to direct their traffic to a website with good content. The site does not have to be anything special, but it should include at least a few pages of original content.

  • Update Your Site Regularly 

Update the site regularly, adding or changing some of its content until your link is published with their hyperlink. Make sure that before you publish the link that you use tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics or other similar tools to make sure your link isn’t causing any errors.

  • Revisit Step 3

Now it’s time to do the same process on your own website for all of the prospects that signed up with you. This is basically just a continuation of Step 3 except that it’ll be you adding their link to your site, unless you’re using software to automate the process.

  • Always Track Your Links

Track your link building campaign’s success by recording results in analytics. If your traffic is increasing, then it means your campaign was successful, so long as your traffic stays high or increases after a few months have passed since you started the campaign.

Want More Exposure? 

If you’re wondering how to get your small business some more exposure, Sharp Tack Media can help. Our link building services are designed for any sized company and will give you the boost of traffic that you need in order to grow. Let’s talk about what kind of return on investment (ROI) or Return On Time Invested (ROTI) numbers would be most beneficial for your particular marketing strategy. Fill out this form today and soon enough you’ll find yourself reaching new heights in search engine rankings!


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