Social Media Management Made Easy

Increase Traffic With Effective Social Media Management

The majority of start-up's today recognize the value and importance of social media; however, very few actually incorporate it into their businesses effectively. Because of this, many start-up businesses are missing out on the opportunity to build their brands online.

This is where social media management comes in. Social media management services allow new business owners to focus their attention on what matters most – building up their brand, which will inevitably increase ROI.

The following will help you ease into managing your company's online presence:

  • Take All Advice With A Grain Of Salt

It takes time to develop an effective strategy and the path you take will be specific to your business and target audience. With that said, we can move on to issues which we all face. Before jumping into social media management, determine who is going to be in charge of the accounts. In most cases it will probably be a team effort but some companies prefer one person as overall head of social media.

  • It Should Be A Full-Time Job For You

It is important to keep in mind that social media management should not be a full-time job. Don't try to do everything yourself if you want to run a business as well as maintain an active social presence. Find out what works for your team but make sure they are dedicating enough time to the project(s).

On the same token, social media management should not take up a large portion of your time. It is meant to be a small but integral part of maintaining a business. Let it run its course and don't let it take over what you do. In order for this system to work efficiently, have one person own each account. 

  • Make Sure Everyone Is Onboard

Make sure everyone on your team understands their role and why it is important. It is paramount for every social media account to have an effective vision, but this cannot be achieved without upfront planning. Take the time to determine what you will post and what your company wants to portray.

  • Be Consistent

This is almost certainly the most difficult part of social media management for start-ups. After spending time coming up with a solid strategy and vision it should be easier to follow through with consistency. Remember what works for your company so you can repeat it when possible. This will vary greatly depending on the type of company you have. There is no exact science as to what works best so experiment with a few different things and go from there.

  • Keep Track

Follow up on what your team is doing regularly. Social media managers should take the initiative to evaluate their accounts' success and determine where they can improve. If something isn't working, don't be afraid to change it. Don't be afraid to use tools to help keep track of your accounts. It is a popular application for users who manage multiple social media pages and want an all-in-one solution. These features should be used, but this doesn't mean that these are a necessity—use what you can work with.

Streamline Your Social Media Management With Us

The good news is that Sharp Tack Media can help you streamline your social media management and get back to doing what you love. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more – or even just one of them – our team will take care of all the heavy lifting so that there’s never a lapse in engagement with your audience. If this sounds great to you but not quite enough for your needs yet also not too much work on top of everything else already going on at the company, let us know! We understand that most businesses want something they can rely on without feeling like it's taking over their life. 

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