Steps to Launching an SEO Campaign

Things You Should Know Before Launching An SEO Campaign

If you are planning to launch an SEO campaign, perhaps you should ask yourself why this is important. There are plenty of companies that offer SEO services, so if you want to take the lead in your market niche, it is essential that you understand what sets you apart from your competitors. That way, not only will potential customers recognize your business as an industry leader, but search engine algorithms will recognize your business as well. 

Read more to learn about the things you should know before launching an SEO Campaign.

  • Research Your Competitors

Before you set out to optimize your own website for keyword phrases, you have to have a good idea what keywords are being used by your competitors in their site's metadata and in their on-page content. All of these factors help search engine algorithms decide where certain websites rank. You can then analyze what keywords work best for them, whether they are overused or under-utilized, exactly where on the site they are using these keywords or how many times they are used.

  • Develop Your SEO Strategy

Once you have done your competitor research, you can begin to develop an SEO strategy for yourself that will make your site stand out in search engine results pages (SERPs). The best way to do this is by using keyword phrases in key areas of your website including page titles, keyword rich content and link building. 

  • Create Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML elements that define a website's metadata or content disposition. Search engines use meta tags to help categorize websites, so it's important that these tags are descriptive. The three most important meta tags for optimizing your site are title tags, description tags, and keywords tags.

  • Create Strategic Linking Campaigns

Link building is extremely important for SEO, but it needs to be done strategically. It is important that your incoming links come from quality websites with good domain authority (DA). There are several ways you can begin building these types of relationships that will help boost your rankings in search results pages. Such as promoting your content on social media sites, forums, and article directories that will generate links back to your site. Make sure these links are accompanied with keywords so they aren't filtered out.

  • Monitor Your Rankings

It is important to monitor your progress so you can determine whether or not your SEO campaign is actually working. There are numerous tools with which you can do this, including Google Analytics and AccuRanker . You should also be checking back on your bookmarks regularly to make sure all of the links are still live.

Need Help In Launching An SEO Campaign? 

Launching an SEO campaign can help your web traffic and online visibility as well as aid in boosting your brand's authority. Before beginning a campaign, it is important to do competitor research so you can determine what keywords you should be ranking for and how much weight you should be attributing to each factor within your campaign. Are you planning to launch an SEO campaign and want some extra help? Check out our FREE consultation at Sharp Tack Media today! 

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