Strategies For Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is The Key To Online Business Success

Did you know that the average business owner spends over 10 hours per week on email marketing? And for some, it's even more. But what if there was a way to streamline this process and save time while spending less money on your marketing efforts? Well, there is! With these four easy steps you can get started with a successful email campaign today. 

The key to any successful digital marketing campaign is understanding how best to reach your target audience through channels they're most likely to engage with.

One of the quickest and most effective ways to reach more people is through email marketing. It's nearly universal, with all but the smallest businesses having an email list of some form. But not everyone who has an email address is on your list! That means you need to find a way to get them there, naturally raising your exposure and open rates.

Here are four steps to make your email campaigns the best:

  • Capture emails in-app or in person 

This is one of the most effective ways to get an opt-in, especially if you're doing customer service, registration for an event, hosting a webinar, etc. There usually is an opportunity to ask for their email when they're already engaging with your business. They'll be happy you asked, and if it's done in a non-intrusive way then they'll likely give you what you want!

  • Solicit emails during transactions

This is similar to the first point, but instead of having the interaction in-person or within the app/website, you're having it through a transaction (e.g., an ecommerce purchase). Since they're actively engaging with you for this reason, there is rarely a point during which you can ask for their email.

  •  Send out coupons and promotions

Sometimes people engage with your business for a specific reason and that's all they want. You'll increase your exposure and open rate by sending out coupons and promotions every once in a while. If you're not sure what kind of discounts to offer, go with something related to the last email you sent them! It's likely they've shown interest in it already.

  •  Run a contest 

Everyone loves the chance to add one more email (most likely already on their list) and possibly win something! The number of emails you get in return will probably outweigh the efforts required. Plus, it's great for social media engagement too since people love telling others about winning things just as much as they enjoy winning them!

The strategies you’ve learned in this article will help you create more effective emails that drive sales.Don't forget that email marketing is just one of the many strategies available to you. What you choose to do with these emails can vary depending on what your specific goals are. 

If you want to take your email marketing game up a notch, consider these expert tips for crafting successful messages that get opened and read. Or if you need some professional guidance before taking the leap into digital marketing, schedule a free consultation with us today! Sharp Tack Media is ready to work one-on-one with clients of any size or industry so don't hesitate to reach out if we can assist. 


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