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There is no denying it, mobile technologies are changing the way we live. People around the world are ditching their desktop computers and adopting smartphones and tablets on a massive scale; some of us even carry multiple computing devices!

This behavior translates into how small businesses need to operate in order to succeed. Consumers want everything on-demand—from information to entertainment and it's your responsibility as a business owner to anticipate your consumer needs and provide these services through mobile applications.

The following information will help you get started with building your business mobile apps.

What Is A Mobile App?

Mobile apps are software applications that run on smartphones, tablets or other portable devices. They're designed for mobility—which is why they're so popular these days.

It's important to mention that there are two major types of mobile apps—native and web or ‘hybrid' apps. Native or ‘real' apps use the specific programming language for each device, whereas hybrid apps are cross-compatible with multiple operating systems (although usually not as smooth as native).

Finding Your Market

If you know exactly who you're targeting and what they need, you will be able to make informed decisions on the features and design of your mobile apps.

Who Is Your Target Market?

Using Google Trends, you can see what people are searching for within your target market. Knowing what they want is important for building an app that people actually want to use.

What Problem Does Your App Solve?

Once you know who your customer is, focus on finding out what they need from a mobile app—what will make their lives easier. If you know the feature list inside and out, it becomes much easier to pitch your product to those who can make it happen.

Choosing A Platform & App Name

Once you've decided on your app type, it's time to pick a platform. What devices are you targeting? While there are many options available, these days Apple's iOS and Google's Android lead the pack in terms of market share.

Revenue Model

Picking a revenue model is important when you're ready to launch. Your options include charging for the app itself, offering in-app purchases or asking users to subscribe. It's a good idea to have a revenue model in place before you begin building—as this will help determine how your features are built and ultimately affect the price point of both your app and in-app purchases.

Planning & Building Your App

To do this, you'll need a team of developers and designers who will help design and build what you've envisioned. The cost associated with these roles varies greatly—while it may be tempting to hire offshore contractors, it's usually best to build a dedicated in-house team.

Testing & Launch

Finally, you're ready for launch! Once the app is finished being built, you'll need to add some final touches and then test your product. This step tends to be one of the most time consuming—so make sure to plan plenty of time for iterations, testing and bug fixes.

Once you feel your app is ready to go, it's time to launch! Make sure you let everyone know that your product is available.

Marketing Your Mobile App

As the last step in your app development process, it's time to market your new product. You'll need a team of people who can help spread the word about your newly launched application—or apps. This might include hiring someone full-time or simply paying for ads and reviews.

Launch Your Business Mobile With Us

Taking your business mobile will open up many opportunities for both you and your customers, but there are risks that come with launching any new product or service. Make sure to plan ahead and thoroughly test your product before launch. Sharp Tack Media have mobile marketing strategies that are perfect for any business. Whether your goal is to increase traffic or sell more products online, we’ll help you find the right strategy. If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know. Avail our free consultation today!

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