Tips For Outstanding Web Design

Know What Makes A Standout Website

Having a great web design will help make your visitor stay longer on your website. It can also make them explore everything that your brand can offer. Whether you choose an adaptive or responsive website design, you must think of ways on how your website can outstand others, so your visitors will remember you above all.

Many web design tips are general advice based on current and upcoming trends in the digital space. Today, we’re sharing some useful web design tips that will help your brand stand out from the competition. These are composition, aesthetics, and functionality.

1. Composition 

Composition is an element of design that refers to the laying out of all ideas and design elements into your website. To achieve this, follow the steps below.

  • Make it Simple

Ensure to only include necessary elements in your website. Too many distracting elements will just make your visitors confused on where to look for, resulting for them to just leave your website as they will find it time consuming to look for certain things they need to find.

  • Influence your User's Eyes Through Visual Elements

Since your goal is to make your website simple and to just include necessary elements, it means you will have more white spaces or blank spaces on your website. You can then use this to prioritize and highlight three important elements that your user should see; the title, the image of your product or service and your call to action button. Use large fonts and bold colors on these elements and position them on the right place to attract or repel your user’s attention.

2. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is a principle that focuses on a design’s qualities that make it appealing to its viewers. It can include factors like balance, color, pattern, visual weight, among others. This principle must wed functionality to maximize the benefits of your websites. Some of the tips to practice this are the following.

  • Choose the right color

Studies show that color can inspire different feelings and actions of people, so you might want to consider using the right colors on your website to your advantage.

  • Use high-quality photos relevant to your product or the product itself 

Don’t just put random photos on your website. Ensure that all photos you will include represents your product and with high resolution.

Create Scannable Content and Visually Appealing Topography

Avoid long product descriptions and give the text on your website the right look.

3. Functionality

To keep it simple, Website functionality refers to how your website works and what can it do. It involves user actions, dynamic content, scrolling and interactivity. Functionality comes hand in hand with aesthetics and must be an  essential part of the planning phase of any web design. Here are some factors you can consider.

  • Navigation

Ease of use must be the backbone of your website. The reason why people are switching to purchase online is because of the convenience it gives. Give your user an easy-to-navigate website so it will be easier for them to purchase.

  • Fully responsive web design

Since everyone is now using mobile phones, you might want to make sure that you target these users as well and not just desktop visitors. Considering that mobile traffic became just as powerful as desktop traffic, business owners must ensure the responsiveness of their websites on all devices.

There’s So Many More Tips To Discover

The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effective web design. They are up to you to follow or for you to challenge. The heart of the web design methods focuses on creating a beautiful user experience, not just serving your business. 

So, use composition, aesthetics and functionality for your website. Always think of how it will be easy for your visitors to navigate and benefit from it.



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