Best Ways To Get Customers Coming In Your Door

Does Your Business Have A Website? 

If you don’t, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for getting customers in the door. You may be thinking “well I’m not really that big of a company,” but even small businesses need to invest in their online presence these days! This article will provide some tips and tricks on how to get people coming through your door from your website. Let’s get started!

  • Keep Your Pages Under Four Minutes

This is a big one! Unfortunately, most websites are over three minutes in length, and they will leave the viewer wanting to click away from your page before it’s done. If you keep all of your pages under four minutes long, then people will be much more likely to actually watch them in their entirety.

  • Add Videos To Your Website

Videos are HUGE right now! If you want to keep people’s attention for longer, then adding a video to your page is essential. Watching a video on something (brushing teeth, shaving faces, drinking whiskey) can relieve boredom and make viewers more comfortable with the content they’re reading.

  • Include Infographics On Your Blog Posts

This is similar to adding videos to your website, but it’s different because it can help readers visualize something or expand upon an idea you’re trying to get across with the text you wrote. The goal of infographics (which can be either static images or GIFs) is to help your website seem refined and professional, which is great for improving customer’s first impressions.

  • Add Testimonials To Your Website

People want to know what other people think of you before they’re willing to give you their own money! Include testimonials with real names attached to them on every page of your site so that people know you’re who they think you are.

  • Integrate social media into your pages

Make sure that you integrate social media into all of your website’s pages to get more eyeballs on your content (and on yourself) which will lead to new customers.

  • Give Free Samples And Gifts Away

This is a big one: give your customers free stuff! How can they resist? Plus, nothing brings people in like the phrase “free gift” or “free sample.” If you don’t believe us, go to your local fruit stand and say that they would hook you up if you gave them your email address. They will hook you up with free stuff, and people love some free stuff!

  • Offer Coupons

People always want a good deal, so make sure that you offer coupons on your website for at least 20% off to get more customers coming in through your door. It’s also a wise idea to post the expiration date clearly so that people know there’s a limited time to take advantage of your coupon.

  • Have An Up-To-Date Calendar On Your Blog

If something is happening at your business, make sure that you tell people about it! Post an updated calendar with all of the upcoming events, product releases, and sales that are happening at your business. People love to know what’s coming up, and they will often go to your website for this sort of information before they make a purchase.

  • Show Off Your Products Or Services

People like knowing what you’re offering them, so it’s important to show off your items on all of your website’s pages. If you have a new product that hasn’t been released or are offering a limited time special, then make sure that people know about it!

  • Keep Your Website Simple

Last but not least, keep things simple on your website. People aren’t going to spend all day on your site unless you have a really awesome product, so it’s important to keep your site streamlined and easy to navigate. 

So, how can you best get customers coming in your door? One way is to be the only store that knows their needs. We’d love to offer you a free consultation and show you first-hand how we work! What else does your company or business need right now? Let Sharp Tack Media help and ensure success at every turn!

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