What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What Should I Know About CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, is a process that aims to convert website visitors into actual customers or visitors that have performed any intended action. We regularly consult with our web development clients on helping to improve their CRO. CRO actions or what you are measuring converting can vary based on your goals. Some forms of action can be as simple as buying a product or filling out a subscription form for an online service. Rather that actually marketing and increasing website visitors, CRO is more focused on the website’s current visitors rather than attracting new ones. 

CRO indeed is an aspect of marketing is but it’s definitely more than just mere advertising. It’s about getting the most from the traffic a website receives and increasing the number of instances where your visitor traffic has actually performed something. Yes, gaining new visitors is new simple feat and is an achievement on its own, but it’s not the end goal. Rather, CRO is the next step after gaining visitors. 

This article will help you understand why CRO matters in the success of your website  

CRO Is An Efficient And Time-Saving Measure

You’ve reached your target number of visitors at a certain time frame, but only a small percentage has actually done something in your website. This can be thought of in the same fashion as a store in a shopping mall that has done all it can to spread the word of its business, and on opening day, the shop does receive a fantastic number of visitors, but unfortunately, only a small number has actually turned into sales. The rest were simply window shopping. Essentially, You don’t want your customers to merely sightseeing at your website. You ideally want to have your visitors into actual customers. 

What CRO can do for you is work with what you already have. It takes time to attract a new audience. It could take months for your website to reach your visitor target number whilst only so few of them have engaged in profitable or intended actions. If you want to double the number of conversions, then you have to double the number of visitors, considering if you haven’t employed an CRO strategy. However, if you do have a CRO strategy, then you can dramatically turn your current visitors into engaging customers. For example, if you have 5,000 visitors but only get 300 consumer actions, then a CRO strategy will help you increase your conversion without ever having to worry about increasing your number of visitors. 

CRO Helps You Streamline Your Entire Marketing Strategy 

To create a website that invites consumer action requires a deeper knowledge of your audience, knowing what makes them tick, and providing as much opportunities as they need to engage your website. CRO develops your marketing and even entrepreneurial skills since you’re mandated to provide a better user-experience and superior customer service. 

Your Visitors Will Like And Trust Your Website Even More 

Because your website is more configured to give your visitors a better user experience, your visitors will like your website even more. Not only will they visit your website more often, they’ll also engage more in whatever you offer in your website. If you’re an e-commerce merchant, you will see your sales go up and if you’re a service provider if any kind, then the most probable call-to-action goal for your website is an increase in subscriptions for your website’s exclusive email content. A likable website is a trustworthy website. Your visitors will feel more assured and comfortable once they visit your website on a frequent basis. 

Final Thoughts

It’s important to keep in mind that CRO is one of many specialized approaches in marketing. It’s part of an web of processes that contribute to your entire business strategy. Therefore, as important a CRO is, it shouldn’t the only area where you concentrate most of your digital marketing efforts. Attracting a new audience has its own field whilst retaining such audience and converting them into actionable customers is another area. In short, CRO is one of the many things any website owner must execute well in order for every part of the business strategy to flow smoothly and successfully. 

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