Why Blogging Can Improve Your Local SEO

Reasons Why Blogging Can Improve Local SEO Rankings

Millennials are destroying everything we love. At least, that’s what the media likes to tell us. However, as millennials have become one of the largest demographics that use the internet, it’s their sheer volume that drives companies and businesses to cater to them. This is why you should also look at catering for millennials, too. Employ local SEO techniques that attract millennials. One of these is blogging.

Why do Millennials respond to stories? Well, authenticity, and value. In other words, good, relatable content.

A business’  blog is a great place to invest in this, but that’s not the only reason to start one. Launching a content marketing campaign for your Philadelphia-area business could also mean accessing local SEO benefits for your website overall.

Get Longer User Retention Times

Once someone is on your site, how long they stay on there affects how high you rank in Google searches. If your site offers little content, it’s likely visitors will click off it fast, a pattern that drags down your ranking. A blog full of useful, engaging content could keep visitors on your site longer, improving your chances of ranking high.

Mind Your Internal Link Structure

Another well-known SEO practice is linking: the idea that linking to a page improves its chances of getting found by Google and ranking it high. While it’s more complicated than this, it’s generally true that pages with more links rank higher.

You can capitalize on the power of linking by writing about searchable topics, then creating additional posts that link back organically. In other words, your own content can persuade Google of your pages’ importance. A company blog can become a strategically structured web of keyword-friendly pages that link to each other and signal to Google that your website is worth ranking.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Being active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram is important for small businesses. With more than 500 million active users daily, Facebook is an incredibly massive opportunity to get people near you familiar with your name and services. In terms of SEO, being active on social doesn’t directly affect your website’s ranking, but sharing your blog posts could become a significant source of website referrals. Plus, content that gets lots of engagement on Facebook also tends to rank higher in Google search results further increasing social media’s importance as a strong ranking signal.

Give Your Blog A Facelift

To say that getting onto that coveted first page of Google search results is hard is a criminal understatement. It’s also dependent on so many factors that change with each major Google algorithm update, like the speed and design of your website, listings in local directories, and whether or not big influencers link to you. 

One factor Google rewards highly is relevance: When was the last time your site was updated? A company that’s consistently posting fresh content on a weekly or monthly blog has a better chance of ranking than one that rarely updates.

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