What Is Your Brand’s Personality?

Brand voice is a term that many marketers are beginning to hear more about. But what does your brand’s personality mean? It’s more than just catchphrases, it has to do with how you interact.

Is your brand known for being wacky and fun? Or are you more friendly and informative? Every business or company is different, so each should have a unique tone of voice that reflects their personality and the way they like to interact with current and potential customers.

Brand voice is the feeling of the company or product, and it’s how people see your message or advertisement as an extension of their brand . If you talk to someone over the phone, they can get a feel of your personality, and if you’re marketing through an advertisement, the same thing applies. This is why it’s important for your brand to establish its online personality.

Brand voice is an important part of online marketing because it allows the consumer to connect with a company or product on a deeper level – creating a stronger bond. If you have a strong connection with your customer, they’re much more likely to keep buying from you and refer friends and family to try out your products.

But How Does One Go About Developing A Brand Voice? 

  1. Know what your brand represents
  2. Take inventory of your current advertising efforts to determine whether or not they mesh with your actual values as a company
  3. Begin to build your voice around these values

Let’s Take A Look At Each Step In More Detail Now

Step 1: Know What Your Brand Represents

This means answering questions about who it is for, what they aspire to be, and what are the things that it stands for . This ensures that you know what you’re trying to say with your brand voice.

Step 2: Take Inventory of Your Current Advertising Efforts

You should take inventory of things like tone, language, and type of messaging currently being used in current advertisements. Is it the same as what you defined in step 1? If not, how can you use these findings to improve your brand’s voice?

Step 3: Begin to Build Your Voice Around These Values

Now that you know the things your brand stands for and how it is perceived in current advertisements, what can you do to improve it? What should be added or removed in order to build a consistent brand voice?

It might be helpful to take inventory of your brand’s personality. Is your voice quirky?

Is it more serious? And remember, you want to make sure that the language you use is something that people within your target audience will understand.

Developing a clear brand voice helps connect customers with who you are as a company, which ultimately will help you generate more leads and conversions.

That’s It!

You’ve got a brand, but is it the right one for your company? It could be that you need to rethink how you are presenting yourself online. Maybe your branding isn’t strong enough or congruent with what customers expect of you. Whatever the case may be, don’t worry! Our web design team here at Sharp Tack Media has had success in helping companies craft their own unique internet identity through custom web design projects and more. If this sounds like something up your alley, give us a call today!

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