How Is Responsive Design Helpful?

Responsive web design helps in changing the layout of a web site along with the change in the screen size. It is very important to help the users access things easily on a website and keeping the visitors engaged on a web page. It is a great tool that every website owner must use for making the purpose of the site successful and helps in the following ways:

  • Allows the site to be accessed through multiple devices: There are a large number of devices that people use for their day-to-day activities. While some people view the same website in their laptop, others access it from their phone. The screen length obviously differs for these devices and it becomes inconvenient for the user to browse through the website in these changed screen sizes. What looks good on a large computer screen is not properly spaced and aesthetic in case of a phone. Naturally, the user finds it difficult to operate such a website in his or her smart-phone. With the implementation of responsive web design it is easy to make the website user-friendly irrespective of the device used. When you browse the same website in your phone, the layout changes and you do not have to zoom in and zoom out for carrying on operations.
  • Helps in Search Engine Optimization: All of us aware of the fact that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps a website to get listed among the top few search results in a search engine like Yahoo or Google. There are different techniques followed for implementing SEO which you must have tried at some point of time. But did you ever know that responsive web design helps in optimizing your website among the search engine results? Yes, it does! Google has made a new rule that only the websites which support mobile-friendly design will be given better ranks following. So it can be predicted that having a responsive web design will not only help you to keep the existing users returning back to your website but also help in attracting new visitors to the site.   
  • Easy Updates: Some website owners believe in maintaining one copy of the website for one particular device and different versions of the website for the others. So, whenever some change needs to be incorporated into the website or some details need to be updated, the same things have to be repeated on each of the websites meant for different devices. Thanks to responsive web design it is now sufficient to make the changes in one single website and the change automatically gets reflected in the different platforms.
  • Future Prospects: The world of technology and smart gadgets is developing faster than ever! There’s a new device introduced each day and a website needs to be supported by each of these devices to maintain a huge customer base. Responsive web design enables one to make his website scalable so that it can be easily modified according to the screen size of the device under consideration.
  • Flexibility: Responsive web design increases the fluidity of a website and makes it flexible enough to be presented perfectly irrespective of the screen resolution.
  • More Sharing and Interactions: With the help of responsive web design, you can have only one common website for desktops, tablets and phones and this means the common links will be applicable for all these devices. This helps the users to share links at ease and converts your website into a more interactive platform. This in turn helps in increasing traffic and enhances business.

As you can see there are a number of reasons why you need a responsive design on your website. However, I think the most important reason is if your website is not responsive, users will find it difficult to access from different devices and are thus likely to go elsewhere leading in loss of customers and money.

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