What Is A Media Kit And Why Does Your Company Need One?

Media Kits – Important For Business

Investopedia provides a detailed definition of media kits:

“A package of information assembled by a company to provide basic information about itself to reporters. The media kit is a promotional public relations tool that can serve several functions, including promoting the launch of a new company, promoting the launch of a new product or service by an existing company, giving a company a way to present itself as it would like to be seen, and saving time by eliminating the need for a company’s employees to repeatedly answer the same questions.”

As you can see, for any company wanting to save on advertising costs, a media kit will be their best friend as it can significantly help company branding and promotional efforts. Below is a helpful list on what should a quality media kit includes and why is it vital to have one.

What Should Included In A Media Kit?

Relevant Company Information – Don’t waste your advertisers’ time by giving a long essay about your company’s profile. Provide your company’s mission and vision statement. An effective mission and vision statement should be short, clear, and succinct, preferably less than 5 sentences. Within those sentences, you need to outline your company’s goals, its targeted audience, and any other relevant information that any advertiser and promoter can utilize. It’ll help them be more informed on what your company’s identity is – so give striking and marketable sentences. For relevant information, include detailed bios and contact information of important personnel of your company. This way, advertisers and promoters will be informed about key administrative personnel of your company, and who to talk to in case they are looking for an interview.

High Resolution Distributable Pictures, Logos, and Other Media – Since the multimedia you’ll provide in your media kit will be used as promotional materials, it’s best that you provide the best quality and highest resolution possible. Your graphic design should be professional and accurately represent your company. You don’t want advertisers and promoters to feature blurry promotional photos right? Same can be said for logos. You should always provide multiple formats and your company-approved versions of logos such as varying sizes, orientations, and even different aesthetic styles. Essentially, you’d want your multimedia to be universally presentable in multiple forms or platforms.

Your Company’s Products and/or Service Rates – Naturally, you should also provide a comprehensive list of the range of products and services your company offers and their corresponding prices and rates. A media kit should also advertise itself. Give advertisers and promoters as much information as you can so they can promote it more accurately and effectively.

Contact Information – Don’t forget to include all of your contact information. Put everything that can be used as possible contact mediums such as physical addresses, website domains, email addresses, and even social media profiles.

How Important Is It To Have A Media Kit?

Convenience – Instead of having someone in your company answering redundant questions to advertisers and promoters, a media kit should instead be able to do that job for you. That’s why it’s extremely vital to have detailed, concise, and relevant information in your media kit so it will be of great convenience to those concerned, but it’ll also save your company’s staff valuable time.

Generates Publicity – As stated above media kits inherently serve as effective marketing and promotional material. If you’re interested in having your company promoted, then it’s ideal to have all the information that an advertiser and promoter needs, as stated repeatedly throughout this article. In the end, your media kit should effectively be the primary source of your company’s information. You can definitely save on advertising costs by letting anyone interested do the promoting for you. If you also want to garner trust from your advertisers and promoters – include a page that features testimonials from your clients and even press releases ranging from newspaper articles, location citations, and blog posts to add legitimacy for your company.


Media kits are one of the key staples in the field of public relations. Think of media kits as ammunition for you to target anyone that wants to know more about your company and how they can promote it themselves.

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