2021 Trends In Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

Email marketing remains an essential tool to inform your customers about your offers, new products, or special promotions. Although the wheel is not reinvented from year to year, technical developments and changes in user behavior require continual adaptation and regular adjustments to its strategy.

Many trends for newsletters may be familiar to you as they are gaining momentum in marketing. Other methods, such as A / B tests or optimizations for smartphones, have become so common that it is no longer necessary to call them a trend.

In general, the new trends in email marketing this year often aim to inspire customers and make them discover new ideas. The main objective of the emails is to constantly provide helpful content and original and attractive offers. So that customers really appreciate the appearance of your emails, become interested in your content, and do not decide to throw them out before they have even read them, these few trends for email marketing may interest you.

# 1 Personalization for an even more relevant message

Personalization remains a fairly simplistic trend because its importance has always been highlighted. However, personalization is now a “Must Have” therefore a trend for your emailing campaigns in 2021 because the number of messages is constantly increasing and we advocate personalization that goes beyond the simple “Hello [Firstname]”. Indeed, real personalization lies in the exploitation of the data and the knowledge of the recipient whatever the channel used.

In addition, today’s innovations offer us many more features allowing us to go further in personalization. E-mailing tools make it possible to exploit user criteria or behaviors in order to dynamically display certain messages.

Next, we have success stories based on personalization like Netflix and its recommendations for personalized films, or Amazon and its recommendations for additional/complementary sales. Harnessing technology and the information you have gathered on your customers to offer deeper personalization is one of the most valuable current strategies.

# 2 Innovate your design to promote conversion

Through your email campaign, you will have several goals to achieve, the most crucial of which will be to stand out from the mass of messages that your prospects receive. To increase the efficiency of your email and push for conversion in 2021, you will use intelligent and interactive design. This design will guide the user to your CTAs, thus making it easier to buy without leaving their inbox.

In addition, the year 2021 truly places emailing in a mobile-first approach. According to a study, attention paid to email increased by 21% in 2019. With more than 50% of emails read from a mobile, this device plays an important role in this increase.

Thus, sending responsive design email campaigns is necessary so you can maximize your ROI thanks to the optimization of the user experience. To achieve this, you will need to create your email templates in HTML or through a responsive design email editor.

# 3 Take advantage of machine learning to choose the best time

Once the email is well received and relevant, you will need to send it at the right time to ensure the right impact. Indeed, even if you have the best email regarding the sale of a swimsuit while your recipient is skiing, it will never have the desired impact.

Thus, it is crucial to understand the recipient to determine the best time to send your email. In 2021, emailing solutions will take advantage of machine learning to offer optimization tools that will automatically adjust the time of sending based on the behavior of contacts on the latest campaigns.

# 4 Protect your contact data

As you know, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been applied in Europe since May 2018 but the issue of data protection is still as topical. Internet users are paying more and more attention to the way companies use and protect their personal data. Also in America, the California law on the protection of privacy, called the “California Consumer Privacy Act” ensures that American companies follow standards similar to GDPR.

For 2021, transparency on data protection is a good way to maintain the trust of customers. Thus, it has become necessary to comply with the regulations on data confidentiality.

By ensuring that your contacts’ emails are protected and secured, they won’t feel afraid to do business with you. Prioritizing their security is a crucial trend to adapt for 2021, particularly with the increasing numbers of hacking and cyber crimes all over the world.

The trends in email marketing for 2021 are very diverse. Advances made in artificial intelligence and machine learning open up possibilities that are still too little exploited.

The same goes for email layouts and presentations: dynamic and interactive content gives inspiration and a new lease of life to practice. And this is only the beginning, we can hope that new interesting concepts will develop during the year.

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