Benefits of Subdomains

Subdomains Are The New URLs 

Subdomains are a way of managing multiple websites from one hosting account. For example, you could manage and from the same location using subdomains.

What Is A Subdomain?

In this context, a “subdomain” is a domain which relates to another domain in some way – for example, if the main domain is, a subdomain would be

Why Use Subdomains For Small Businesses?

Small businesses often find it difficult to manage additional domains on top of their primary website; using subdomains can help these businesses manage multiple websites without needing another hosting account and all of the overhead that entails.

Here are the 6 Benefits of Subdomains:

  • Keep Your Brand Consistent

One of the most important things you want to do is maintain your brand’s image and consistency across all platforms. A subdomain lets you keep all of your branding information the same while also making sure that all of your sites are connected together in one way or another.

  • You Can Have Different Content On Each Subdomain

Having multiple pages on the same site with the same exact information can get a little boring, even when you’re giving all the details about your products or services. A subdomain solves this problem by letting you have one site with different pages that are focused on individual parts of your business. 

  • You Can Better Organize Your Sites

Keeping your websites organized is important, especially if you want to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for when they visit one of your sites. If you have a complex website with multiple pages, you can put certain topics on their own subdomain so that they appear as their own section on your main page. This allows for an organized site map across all of the different sections of your site, and also lets visitors navigate to specific parts without having to go through a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

  • Search Engines Crawl Subdomains Just Like They Do Websites

Since subdomains are essentially smaller websites, they’re crawled by search engine bots just like any other site. This means that in addition to your website showing up when people search for your business name, you can also benefit from having individual pages rank well when people look for more specific topics or keywords.

  • You Can Target Different Geographic Regions

If your small business has a physical location in a specific area, you might want to target that location specifically when sharing information on your website about services and products offered in that area. A subdomain lets you do this by having each separate region have its own site that is only available to people in that specific area. This makes it easy for visitors to find the information they want without having to go through any of your other sites, and also allows you to further target your advertising efforts by driving people who are physically located near you directly to your business.

  • You Can Better Promote Your Subdomains On Social Media

Since a subdomain is a specific website within a larger one, you can also promote it on social media platforms. This allows you to target people who are specifically interested in the topic at hand and get them to visit your site directly instead of linking out to it or having them search for your business name.

Segment Your Content

There are so many benefits for small businesses when it comes to using subdomains. By creating smaller websites within your larger one, you can better target certain topics or geographic regions so that people can find all of the information they’re looking for, while also keeping your branding consistent.

Subdomains are a great way to segment your content and help improve SEO. If you’ve been thinking about adding subdomains or domains, now is the perfect time! We can give you all of the information that you need on how they work and what benefits come with them for free during our Free Consultation. Call us today at Sharp Tack Media to get started!

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