Importance of Custom Domain Name

A Custom Domain Name Is Important For Small Businesses To Gain An Online Presence

A custom domain name is your website's street address on the World Wide Web. Custom domain names, also known as “vanity URLs”, are easy to remember, more affordable than they have ever been before, and have the added bonus of being simple to set up and maintain without any special web design knowledge or skills. Since they are under the ownership of the business, there is flexibility in how they position themselves over time. Such an approach means that businesses can easily change their website address without having to worry about losing traffic or search engine rankings if a name becomes outdated.

This last point is particularly important to any business looking to maintain a strong online presence. Where pure SEO campaigns can take months or even years, the simple act of buying and then redirecting an already credible name – such as – can quickly help businesses gain much sought-after search engine rankings based upon previous content marketing efforts.

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Custom Domain Names Are Growing In Popularity As Search Engine Rankings Rise

In the world of online marketing, it's now common practice for businesses looking to enjoy competitive advantage over their rivals to invest in professional SEO campaigns. In this context, search engine optimization refers to the process of helping a website rank higher in relevant queries when someone does a search on Google, Yahoo or any other major player.

The reason for this is simple: the more often a business shows up near the top of organic results when consumers conduct research, the more likely it is they'll be visited and, as a result, become more successful.

Easy To Remember

A custom domain name makes it as easy as possible for a prospect to remember a business' website address. In an age where consumers are constantly being bombarded with new brands and websites, the last thing any business wants is for its information to get lost among the deluge of additional offers competing for attention at any given moment.

The best way to ensure that website visitors are able to recall the information they are looking for when it's needed is to invest in a custom domain name – something which has been proven to greatly improve the chances of success in the world of online marketing.

Improves Brand Recall

At its most basic level, any business with an online presence is looking to engage with potential customers and, in most cases, become a trusted provider of information. By developing a custom domain name for their website, business owners are able to play a greater role in the lives of existing and future clients, providing them with relevant content that can help them through any stage of the buying process.

One of the main ways in which businesses can do this is through the use of custom domain names. By establishing their brand as a more approachable and trustworthy option through high-quality content, companies – no matter how small or large they might be – can increase their chances of developing long-term relationships with prospects and customers alike.

Why It's Important To Have A Custom Domain Name

In an increasingly crowded digital space, businesses have to be sure they are investing wisely in order to get the most from their SEO strategies. This is where a custom domain name can make a huge difference to any business looking to improve its online standing.

By developing a custom name for your website, you'll be doing several things at once, including:

  • ensuring your remembering the domain name when you come to use it
  • giving potential customers an easy way of finding you on search engines
  • increasing the chances of people remembering who you are in the future

Domain Name Is The Cornerstone Of Your Online Marketing

Remember, a good domain name is only the first step in building your online presence – so don't settle for anything less than truly effective web hosting services and all-round customer support. Your domain name should be customized to reflect what you do and who you are as a business, so it stands out from other websites in search engines. If you need some guidance on how to choose the perfect custom domain name that matches your company’s personality and values, Sharp Tack Media can help with our Free Consultation service. Call us today!

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